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A Message To Christine Beatty…OOPS! A Message For All Sistas

When I read the released text messages between embattled Mayor of Detroit, Kwame ‘Big Pimpin’ Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff, supposed ‘Mrs. Kwame Kilpatrick, 2012’, I was aghast and horrified! Why? It is apparent that Christine Beatty fell

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Did Obama Do The Right Thing?

When Senator Barack Obama publicly announced his ‘appalled’ reaction to the statements made by his former pastor and “spiritual adviser,” Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Tuesday, did he do so because he felt political pressures forcing him to react, or was

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Senator Barack Obama Comes Out Swinging! Denounces Former Pastor

Senator Barack Obama publicly denounced his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, on Tuesday, saying that the pastor’s message on Monday to the National Press Club “contradicts everything that I have been saying during this campaign.” “I have been a member

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Senator Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary

Thank God the Pennsylvania primary is over and done with. This particular end of the campaign was long, tiring and bloody. But the Clinton campaign train pulled ahead of Senator Barack Obama’s Tuesday with a ten percent edge. Senator Clinton

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BET Founder Bob Johnson Speaks…But No-one Is Listening

Has former BET Chairman Bob Johnson deluded himself into believing that the African American community really gives a care what his sentiments are regarding this Presidential election? Thanks to him, there’s a whole generation of African Americans who don’t even

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No More Debates For Obama? Hallelujah!!

Do you suppose that Barack Obama read my recent rant about Wednesdays televised Democratic debate on ABC? How sick and tired I am of the political bashing and the act of ‘throwing someone under the bus to get a vote’ strategy

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Clinton and Obama Face Off In Yet Another Debate

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were at it again in another long, seemingly endless debate on Wednesday night. After a string of debates that has made this election season seem like a Michigan winter, Senator Clinton and front-runner Senator

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