Mom! Come Look! Detroit’s Looking Like a Bunch of N****s on TV Again!

Right about now, Detroiters across America and abroad, are feeling quite sick to their stomach.

Detroit City Council turned its’ proverbial back on ‘guilty before proven innocent’ Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick today. Thinking that he was about to present his city budget to a united City Council, as soon as Kwame sat his ‘I’m the pillar of truth and virtue’ self down, Detroit City Council President Ken Cockeral announced that the majority of City Council had decided not to hear the Mayor’s budget presentation.

Once again, the look on Kwame Kilpatrick’s soon to be convicted face was priceless!

Yet, as much as I loved the ‘in your face’ tactic of Detroit’s City Council today, okay I reveled in it…I took a bath in it, the way Council went about the situation was wrong. Detroit is on the national news media radar. Thanks to Mayor Kilpatrick and former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty. This being the case, whenever and whatever move the Mayor makes, and nine times out of ten lately it has been the wrong one; the major national news outlets pick it up and broadcasts it.

Detroit City Council President Ken Cockeral claims that a majority decision to snub the Mayor didn’t gel until the moment Kilpatrick entered Council chambers. This is hard to believe and highly unprofessional. The Mayor is correct in his statement that City Council could have notified him beforehand.

The City of Detroit is at war. This war is intense. It involves the citizens against City government. It involves citizens against one another. It involves City government against itself. The war is necessary. But in order for some type of resolution to be gained, Detroit herself has to realize that 1. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick MUST RESIGN! 2. Two wrongs don’t make a right and 3. The nation is watching.

The worst thing a former Detroiter can do is turn on the tv and see Detroit’s City government war broadcast in full on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Headline News. With a virtual 99% of Detroit government being African American, when Detroit is on tv acting ugly and unprofessional, it makes US ALL LOOK BAD!

And guess what? Instead of Kwame Kilpatrick looking like a stooge, everyone involved looked like a bunch of n****s who have no right to be an elected official. This includes the two councilwomen, Monica Conyers and Martha Reeves who decided to air their discontentment with fellow colleagues publicly.

The whole incident was an embarrassment and another huge blight on the City of Detroit itself. When are Black folks gonna learn?

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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