Clinton and Obama Face Off In Yet Another Debate

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were at it again in another long, seemingly endless debate on Wednesday night. After a string of debates that has made this election season seem like a Michigan winter, Senator Clinton and front-runner Senator Obama, debated about the same ole same ole.

But with a slight twist.

Senator Clinton couldn’t wait to pop off at the mouth about Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments after 9/11. To tell the truth, that is really the only solid issue with Obama she could sink her teeth into. Of course, Senator Obama had to once again refute and rebuke what his beloved Rev. Wright said that fateful Sunday after 9/11. He used the word ‘disown’ which almost got him into trouble when one of the moderators thought Senator Obama was implying that he had ‘disowned’ Rev. Wright. Senator Obama cleaned that up real quick by explaining that what he ‘disowned’ was the retorict behind Rev. Wright’s sermon.

It is a shame that so much time has been wasted on the words of one man who is not even in the Presidential race! Senator Clinton must rise above these infantile tactics if she wants to win the primary in Philadelphia.

The funny thing about the whole attack on Senator Obama about his allegiance, loyalty and affiliation with Rev. Wright, is that the moderators turned the tables quickly on Senator Clinton by bringing up that “misremembered” trip she made to Bosnia. The trip where she was under suppossed gunfire and was hiding under tanks and stuff.

Yeah, well that wasn’t the case. Senator Clinton tried her best to get off the hot seat with that blooper. And I am more than sure that when the floor was given to Senator Obama, Hillary just knew she was going to be shredded by Barack. So did I.

But the gracious Senator Obama sidestepped that whole issue by stating that everyone makes mistakes. Huh? I couldn’t believe it! I just knew Barack was going to get in there and tear it up! But no. He further mentioned that the campaign is not about back-biting and party fighting. It’s about winning The White House in the Fall.

I don’t know about the rest of America, but to me, November seems to be a long way from here. What I want is for all of this debating to cease. Voters are very much aware of whom they will be casting a ballot for in August and in November. The constant bombarding of voters with meaningless debates is a waste of time. At this point, the candidates are only debating gossip that is being fed by both campaigns to the media. We don’t need a debate to refute gossip.

If there needs to be a debate, it should be about how the Democrats plan to defeat John McCain in November. You know those crafty Republicans. They are in their workshops right now cooking up something treacherous for whomever comes out victorious in the August.

By the looks of it, the Republicans have already been successful. Didn’t a staff member on John McCain’s campaign find that sermon of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and then put it up on YouTube? Later, that staff member was quietly relieved of his/her duties. Fired.


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