BET Founder Bob Johnson Speaks…But No-one Is Listening

Has former BET Chairman Bob Johnson deluded himself into believing that the African American community really gives a care what his sentiments are regarding this Presidential election?

Thanks to him, there’s a whole generation of African Americans who don’t even have a clue that there is a historical election going on. Bob Johnson and his BET have systematically brainwashed a whole segment of Black America. Capitalizing on overt sexuality and materialism, BET is a major role-player in the continuous obliteration of the subconscious of young African Americans.

At present, BET is still at the forefront of intelligence-challenged programming. Yet, Bob Johnson, with these credentials, opted to comment on the voting habits of African Americans. His comments make the implication that African Americans are asleep at the wheel. In strong agreement with Geraldine Ferraro, Bob Johnson affirmed:

“What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant is that if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called ‘Jerry Smith’ and he says I’m gonna run for President, would he start off with 90% of the Black vote? And the answer is probably not.”

Now, what poll or latest voter research proved that 90% of African Americans are voting for Barack Obama? Not a one. Where is Bob Johnson getting his facts? Then to conclude, Bob Johnson said that “this campaign has such a trigger on anything racial…it is almost impossible for anybody to say anything.”

No, Mr. Johnson. There isn’t a problem with folks vocalizing how they feel about their candidate. This is part of our democratic process and our right to free speech and assembly. Elections bring out the passion and fervor of voters and candidates alike. However, what Americans and African Americans in particular are resentful of, is the back-biting and the demagoguery of the campaigns. To assume that African Americans are block voting for Barack Obama simply because he is ‘family’ is an out and out insult to us all.

In fact, there is a tremendous number of African Americans who support Senator Hillary Clinton. To say that African Americans only vote African American in 2008 is ridiculous and unfounded. We are a diverse group of people with varied needs and expectations. Despite what Bob Johnson is insinuating, African Americans are intelligent enough to reason diplomatically whom to cast a ballot for.

How about this Mr. Johnson? If you can take the idea of formulating a cable network that is African American focused and turn it into a multi-million dollar enterprise, why is it difficult to recognize that your ‘bretheren’ can use the same intellect in choosing a candidate?

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