Hillary and Kentucky…A Racist Win?

On the heels of Senator Hillary Clinton’s primary win in Kentucky late Tuesday, analysts and critics alike are suggesting that the win was a racist one.

In an independent exit poll taken yesterday, nearly half of all Kentucky voters polled admitted that they voted for Clinton solely on the basis that she is White. The same can be positively said for West Virginia voters as well. In 2008, racial progress and forward, progressive thinking has moved at a snail’s pace in the South.

But many political analysts believe that Clinton should reject these votes based on her own moral platform that repudiates discrimination of any kind. But at this stage in the political game, is this idea plausible? Being behind Barack Obama in desired delegate votes, is it reasonable to assume that consideration of such a matter makes sense?

The answer has to be no. The mere fact that Kentucky and West Virginia are primarily predominately white states, is no definitive reason for rejecting the votes of American citizens. It is the right of every American to exercise their voting privilege. Racist or otherwise. In fact, it has been said that the only reason African American voters are voting for Obama is because he is an African American. If African Americans are in fact voting for Obama based on the color of his skin, this would indeed be classified as a sad, sad moment in our collective history.

The same can be said for White Americans who are voting for Hillary simply because she is White. The focus of this campaign should be on the issues of health care, poverty, crime, education, employment, housing, GAS and the ‘so-called’ War on Terror. If voters aren’t focused on what is truly important, then what America will get is another four years of mediocre, lack luster leadership in the White House.

Who wants that?

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One comment on “Hillary and Kentucky…A Racist Win?
  1. Ben K says:

    Maybe they dont like Obama’s policies. I know some people, maybe yourself, find that almost impossible to believe, but it is actually true.

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