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Don Imus: “I Was Misunderstood”

On Tuesday, controversial radio talk show host Don Imus told his listeners that the statement he made on Monday, considered racist by some in the African American community, was generally misunderstood. Imus said that in his comments about the arrest and suspension

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Cindy McCain: Are You Living In A Glass House?

I have to say that the way the McCain campaign is coming at Barack Obama is almost admirable. Who would have thought to use their wife to stick it to the Obama camp? Such a pimp move, if you ask

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Murdered Wife Of Zimbabwe Politician Found: Politicians’ Wives In Zimbabwe Are Fair Game

Abigail Chiroto, 27, wife of newly elected mayor of the city of Harare, was found bludgeoned to death late Wednesday officials said. She, along with four other activists and her 4 year old son, were kidnapped from their homes by

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Michelle Obama Represents The “Darker Sister” Well Says Whoopie

Yeah. The uproar has begun. Wednesday on “The View”, moderator Whoopie Goldberg passionately commented on the way Michelle Obama carries herself. Whoopie complimented Michelle Obama, wife of presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama, by suggesting that Michelle Obama persona is

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Update: The Thing About R. Kelly

I don’t know if anyone is really keeping up with the R. Kelly verdict aftermath, but I came across some interesting info this afternoon, courtesy of Did you know that the majority of the jurors who deliberated R. Kelly’s fate believed

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The Thing About R. Kelly Is…

I was shocked when I heard those words “acquitted” and “R. Kelly” in the same sentence last Friday. While in the midst of this shock, I was completely shook when following that pronouncement, the news of Tim Russert’s sudden death

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Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Plans To Be A ‘No Show’ At Obama Rally Tonight

Scandal plagued Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick announced today that he would not be attending the rally to be held for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama tonight. Mayor Kilpatrick, in a press conference held Monday afternoon, stated that the decision to not

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Tim Russert: “We Will Miss You!”

Friday afternoon, journalism stalwart Tim Russert died of a massive heart attack. He was fifty-eight. The moderator of the longest running television show, “Meet The Press,” Tim Russert infused new life and energy into “Meet The Press” more than seventeen

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Who Cares If Hillary Concedes…Or Not?

If I have to hear one more political commentary on why Senator Hillary Clinton should have conceded Tuesday night, I think that I will be primed and ready to fit in a strait jacket. What really is the big hoopla about?

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BET Founder Bob Johnson Strikes Again!

On  CNN’s “American Morning” early Wednesday, BET founder Bob Johnson announced the launching of his campaign to push Senator Hillary Clinton as the prime and only candidate to share the Democratic ticket as VP with Barack Obama. In a letter to

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Barack Obama Makes U.S. History!!

On Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama made American history by becoming the first African American to presumptively win the Democratic nomination with an astonishing 2,156 total delegate and super delegate votes to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 1,923. The total needed votes for the Democratic nomination

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Don’t Count Clinton Out Just Yet!

According to erroneous reporting done courtesy of the Associated Press, it was leaked that Senator Hillary Clinton planned to concede and conclude her bid for the Democratic nomination for President of The United States. But, then only minutes later, an

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