Tim Russert: “We Will Miss You!”

Friday afternoon, journalism stalwart Tim Russert died of a massive heart attack. He was fifty-eight. The moderator of the longest running television show, “Meet The Press,” Tim Russert infused new life and energy into “Meet The Press” more than seventeen years ago.

More than just a moderator, Tim Russert also was Chief of the NBC Washington Bureau. Known for impartiality, fairness in reporting and a journalist who always sought out the truth, Tim Russert never hesitated or stumbled when interviewing politicians, heads of state or dignitaries. Always well-researched and thorough, Tim came prepared for every “Meet The Press” episode. He believed it was his duty to give the American public the facts…and the truth.

Fair and unbiased, Tim Russert brought a sense of balance in the world of politics. Never one to hide or shy away from issues or debates of the moment, Tim presented the good, the bad and the ugly of politics. I can not stress more the fact that Tim Russert was a fair journalist.

“Meet The Press”, Sunday mornings and Election nights will never be the same. You will be greatly missed, Tim!

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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3 comments on “Tim Russert: “We Will Miss You!”
  1. nativenotes says:

    I agree. Tim Russert was a great man. I admired his ability to ask the tough questions and just engage the politicians that he interviewed. RIP

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