Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Plans To Be A ‘No Show’ At Obama Rally Tonight

Scandal plagued Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick announced today that he would not be attending the rally to be held for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama tonight. Mayor Kilpatrick, in a press conference held Monday afternoon, stated that the decision to not attend the Obama rally was strictly his “choice.”

Was it? Claiming to have a “good relationship” with Barack Obama that includes numerous of “phone conversations,” and a “ten hour conference” with Obama and his campaign organizers, Mayor Kilpatrick worked overtime trying to convince the Detroit public that even though he has this ‘nightmare text message soap opera’ hanging over his head, he and Barack Obama are the best of friends. And it is because of this ‘firendship’ that he has chosen not to taint the rally with his presence.

What a crock of crap! That ten hour conversation that Kwame Kilpatrick and the Obama camp had was nothing more than a negotiating session. Kwame wanted to come to the rally and Obama’s camp said don’t even bother. With good reason, too! Who would want a blatant liar and extortionist of millions of tax dollars out of the citizens of Detroit’s pockets associated with the front-runner in the campaign for the highest office in the country? When selfish, self-serving Mayor Kilpatrick insisted that he show his face, that is when the negotiating began.

Also, lets not forget the fall-out Barack had to suffer over his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. All Senator Obama needs is to breathe the same crusty air that Kwame does and it will be all over! The Republicans are certainly poised to pounce over even the tiniest misstep on Obama’s part.

I mean, really. This rally has been planned and over planned for months. Detroit pulled off the event of a lifetime a few years ago…The Super Bowl…so a rally at an arena is not a ten hour conversation. It is my opinion, and only my opinion that some kind of deal was made. I think that Barack Obama is a cool guy, but that Kwame…well lets just say that it wasn’t his “Choice” to not attend the most important rally in Detroit history since the visit of Dr. Martin Luther King where he made his “I Have A Dream” speech …two weeks before he revisited it in Washington. Obama and Kwame are politicians. They know the game and how it is played.

So it will be interesting to see how all this plays out if: Obama is elected President AND if by some miracle Kwame Kilpatrick is not behind bars.

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2 comments on “Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Plans To Be A ‘No Show’ At Obama Rally Tonight
  1. Detroiters For Kilpatrick says:

    I think that your commentary is ridiculous! Mayor Kilpatrick’s decision to not come to the rally WAS his choice. He said that he didn’t want to spoil Obama’s moment to shine. I think that is typical of the kind of Mayor Kwame is.

  2. Juanita35 says:

    Kwame knows whats up. If he showed his lying face at the Joe tonight the entire place would explode with BOOS! He ain’t stupid!

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