The Thing About R. Kelly Is…

I was shocked when I heard those words “acquitted” and “R. Kelly” in the same sentence last Friday. While in the midst of this shock, I was completely shook when following that pronouncement, the news of Tim Russert’s sudden death hit the news within minutes. I couldn’t think about R. Kelly at that time.

But, I am about to weigh in my two cents right about NOW.

Well, Kelly has a second chance to redeem himself. He can walk away from this and over haul his life. Or he could go back to doing what it is that WE ALL know that he has been doing for the past decade or so. For me, it all started with Aaliyah. The marriage that never happened until Detroit DJ John Mason went to the courthouse and found proof of it. She was fifteen at the time. Her family quickly had this marriage and relationship annuled. And that was that.

But this was only the beginning.

I never watched the tape of him doing the unthinkable. Or allegedly. I left that to those who chose to get their rocks off or who loved to wallow in the degradation of minors and other perverts. However, based on his previous track record, I was more than certain that Kelly was guilty. To many outside and in the jury room, I reckon, they felt or feel the same. Still, R. Kelly is walking amongst us as free any one has the right to be.

Yet, I have to say that the thing that bothers me the most about R. Kelly is that if he was so darn innocent, why did he pay his attorneys tons upon tons of loot to stall the judicial process for six years? That makes absolutely zero sense to me. If a brotha is innocent, wouldn’t he want to prove that as soon as humanly possible? Why would a superstar choose to have his name unceremoniously raked and dragged through the mud for years without doing something about it?

Well, R. Kelly dodged a bullet, I know this. I hope that he gets the psychological help that he needs. I also hope that he looks at O.J. and recognizes that if he DOESN’T get help and change his alleged ways, he will be back in the hot seat again. AND…it doesn’t look too good for that brotha either.

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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3 comments on “The Thing About R. Kelly Is…
  1. headslammer says:

    Just to add to what you said, the R. Kelly video has a lifetime ban from the judge of this trial to never see the light of day again. The judge ruled that no one, ever, shall see anything from that video. Only a select few have a copy of it, and if it ever gets out, those people are the first ones under fire. The second thing is that trial took 6 years to try. I have a theory. R.Kelly has distinguishable birth mark on him. Or HAD one! I believe he had it removed years ago and gave the scar time to heal before this trial finally took place.

  2. Satish Rao says:

    Hi Tracey,

    Thanks for leaving encouraging remarks on my blog. Hope you are able to achieve your weightloss goals.


  3. traceyricksfoster says:

    Headslammer, you just might be on to something!!! LOL! Thanks for posting!!

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