Update: The Thing About R. Kelly

I don’t know if anyone is really keeping up with the R. Kelly verdict aftermath, but I came across some interesting info this afternoon, courtesy of rhymeswithsnitch.com.

Did you know that the majority of the jurors who deliberated R. Kelly’s fate believed that THAT WAS HIM on the video in question? Mole and all?! Well, why isn’t he up under the jail, you might ask?

The jurors claim that the prosecution didn’t prove beyond the shadow of doubt that the girl participating in the sexual escapade was a minor. Several jurors admitted the split within the alleged minor’s family as to whether or not it was her, gave them room for speculation and not the conclusive evidence that they needed to convict Kelly.

So, in other words…R. Kelly IS the fool urinating on and doing all sorts of beyond kinky-freaky sex in the video. But the question is, who is the girl? And was she a minor at the time?

That prosecution team is, frankly, ridiculous and they all need to be fired and sent back to law school! How are you going to prosecute a case like this without your STAR witness? They couldn’t even get that girl to SIT in the court room! Humph!

Double Humph!

Thanks Rhymeswithsnitch!

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3 comments on “Update: The Thing About R. Kelly
  1. Paulette says:

    I agree — I saw that tape when it hit the ‘stands’ and believed it to be RK. But alas no way of proving it was the girl in question and even if it was another girl there is no way to prove her age. Plus after so many years I don’t think there was any public interest. Very sad. I wonder how long it take b4 RK goes back to his ‘minor’ ways? His azz is over 40 now, he better slow his roll…Crazy!

  2. African Souljah! says:

    R knows he made it by the skin of his teeth! Like Paulette said, dude betta slow his roll!!

  3. indigoblu says:

    R-Kelly has celebrity status; had he been an ordinary brother, he could probably be 10 feet under the jail. Unfortunately, that’s the way things happen. Innocent people get sent to tell all the time; I guess there is a need to maintain a balance by giving guilty people freedom.

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