Cindy McCain: Are You Living In A Glass House?

I have to say that the way the McCain campaign is coming at Barack Obama is almost admirable. Who would have thought to use their wife to stick it to the Obama camp? Such a pimp move, if you ask me.

Well, Cindy McCain is doing the political dirty work for her husband by coming at Michelle Obama. You know, going through the back door instead of the front? Cindy McClain is now attacking Michelle Obama regarding a statement she made a few months back. The comment went something like “this is the first time in my adult life that I am proud of my country.”

Cindy McCain responded Wednesday, in an effort to stick it to Michelle Obama, that SHE has ALWAYS been proud of America. I wouldn’t even doubt that remark coming from her. Being from a mega rich family, I am sure that Cindy McCain grew up with every advantage and privilege that is afforded those in this country who have a measure of wealth. Cindy McCain has benefited from tax breaks and shelters established so that the wealthy in this country can maintain and build upon their fortunes.

And…with a certain amount of money, you can definitely buy absolution. Cindy McCain knows this first hand. Remember her highly publizied confession of ripping off her very own charity so that she could supply her prescription drug habit? Did she do any time for that? I don’t think so. Money can by you high priced attorneys and spin publicists that can turn a dope fiend into a victim of circumstance.

So, I am sure that Cindy McCain can not fathom in that pretty blond head of hers what Michelle Obama was trying to convey. How could she? In her world, what is there not to be proud of?

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9 comments on “Cindy McCain: Are You Living In A Glass House?
  1. Julia McCord says:

    6/19/2008 — I saw the Cindy McCain interview with John King of CNN. Does anyone notice that this woman is on drugs? Eyes very glassy, pupils very dilated, slurred a couple words, looks anorexic. I’m a doctor specializing in addictive behavior, and Cindy McCain is a classic case. I know she had problems with drugs some years back and went to rehab for it, and even was busted for stealing drugs from a non-profit organization she was “volunteering” for. Cindy McCain has obviously not kicked her habit; she looked totally scary in that interview.

  2. Kei says:

    You know, you’re right. Cindy McCain has definitely had a different experience growing up in America than Michelle Obama possibly has. One person cannot feel the exact same as another. I understood where Michelle Obama was coming from when she made the statement; I feel that she was saying that for the first time, she feels that America is finally going to have so much of the change it has long desired. Every little bit that our forefathers and civil rights leaders and activists have fought for for so long, could possibly come to fruition, and we could all be apart of deciding what’s best for our country’s future- regardless of race. They may have to find another way to attack Michelle Obama, because that criticism in my opinion doesn’t have much fuel. Thank you for sharing.


  3. sharon says:

    Cindy McCain is so old she has had alot more time to be proud. Was she proud when she was cheating with her husband.

  4. far from conservative and patriot before liberal says:

    i admit she looks like she is still using and i guess she would have to do drugs to sleep with Mccain

  5. Johnny says:

    does anyone else think she kind of looks a little like Don Imus?

  6. Mary says:

    The good that Cindy McCain has done for so many folks with no money, no hope, and no support is incredible. Please know that it is published information that Obama and Biden have contributed less than 1 percent of their incomes to help others; however they are more than willing to spread everyone else’s wealth. My family gives a minimum of 10 percent over and above our taxes to help others. Do you?

  7. Mary says:

    I am awaiting a reply since I entered my comment to see how and in which way my comment will be moderated. Considering that there are no positives about Ms. McCain and her many kindnesses to others, I will be interested to see how my comments are “moderated.” I am assuming they will not be allowed on this website. Very interesting…

  8. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    Hello. I try to moderate comments at a reasonable rate, but ocassionally, I am not as swift as I would like to be. I do not have a problem with those who have an opposing opinion, or who sees matters from a different perspective. The article that you are refering to was written in the late spring, early summer. There were public insinuations made by some in the media and Cindy McCain that attempted to twist Michelle Obama’s commentary. I was simply pointing out, and I basically am in total agreement with you, that Cindy McCain has given as good as she’s got. Yes, she is ‘charitable.’ No question there. But charitability is no substitute for accountability. It should also be noted that most wealthy Americans find profit in their ‘charitable deeds.’ By setting up foundations and charitable organizations, wealthy Americans can ‘pretend’ to ‘spread’ their own wealth. Athletes, singers, rappers, movie stars and the like all do it. But the truth is that most, not all, are seeking tax shelters and BIG tax write offs.

  9. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    And…about that ‘spreading the wealth’ Obama keeps refering to. This country was built on the premise that every countryman deserves a fair shot at ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ From your charitable deeds Mary, I am sure you are in agreement with me when I say that there are millions of Americans who are disenfranchised and not able to afford a tv to get a glimpse at the American Dream. What is wrong with funding the Dream? What is wrong with every child having access to affordable college education? Or is G-R-E-E-D going to continue to rape our economy? The “Dynasty” and “Dallas” 80’s of ‘ME FIRST’ needs to die a hard-core death. If we are to succeed, the notions of every man for himself has got to go! It is so silly that other countries have gotten it right and we haven’t. That is why we fall almost dead last in education in the developed world and shocking in the top ten when it comes uncivilized health care and infant and mother mortality.

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