Don Imus: “I Was Misunderstood”

On Tuesday, controversial radio talk show host Don Imus told his listeners that the statement he made on Monday, considered racist by some in the African American community, was generally misunderstood. Imus said that in his comments about the arrest and suspension of Adam “Pacman” Jones, he was trying to “make a sarcastic point about the unfair treatment of Blacks in the criminal justice system.” He further noted that the uproar caused by his efforts in defense of African Americans was “ridiculous.”

Upon reviewing the transcripts from Imus’ Monday broadcast, it is difficult to ascertain the validity of his explanation. However, shockingly, I am in total agreement with Imus when he said that this media storm surrounding his comments is “ridiculous.” Why? It comes down to simple common sense. Did we in the African American community believe that Don Imus had magically reformed his stereotypical racist attitude? Could we in the African American community been fool enough to suppose that after his suspect ‘apology’ six months ago to the young women of the Rutgers University basketball team, Don Imus had an epiphany of some kind?

Don Imus does not owe the African American community another half-baked apology. He did not need to clarify his comments either. Who in the African American community actually listens to a Don Imus broadcast? I thought most of us was laughing and listening to Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden? When you have these three on the radio dial, and soon Mo’Nique, who has the time or inclination to even want to listen to anyone else?

Besides, going after Dom Imus is like going fishing. Why would you knowingly bait and catch a small fish in a deep ocean? Rev. Al Sharpton can answer this question for me. Or maybe he can’t. You see, Don Imus is a small fish. Throw him back. The deep ocean is the media, mainly cable news; and the big fish we REALLY want to catch and fry is FOX News Network. But seeing  how ‘friendly’ a relationship Rev. Al Sharpton has with FOX, it is no wonder why he would jump on the Don Imus bandwagon and not on the backs of FOX News. Just last week, you could find Rev. Sharpton on the “O’ Reilly Factor” explaining why he assumes the IRS is harassing him. Bill O’Reilly. Need I say more?

I say let Don Imus alone. Who cares that he, like a leopard, will never change his spots? We have ‘bigger fish to fry.’

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Don Imus: “I Was Misunderstood”
  1. blackliberal says:


    As for Rev Sharpton..all I have to say is hmmmmmmm…

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