My Visit Home: A Former Detroiter’s Tale Pt. 3

On Tuesday, my day started out rough. Being disabled, I receive SSI supplemental support. Through SSI, I am able to have my asthma/respiratory needs met. Well, I make my visit to the local credit union only to find that there are no funds in my account. I call my credit union customer service rep and discover that SSI hadn’t made a deposit. I then placed a call the SSA and wouldn’t you know it…my SSI has been suspended. The reason? My husband received a substantial raise back in May and therefore I don’t qualify for SSI any longer.

I didn’t receive a notice or warning. Just plain suspended. Now there are several medications that I take that I have to purchase with my SSI payments totalling somewhere in the ballpark of $100.00. This does not include the equipment that I have for my lung needs and other medical necessities. My husband’s insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida may cover some of the expenses, but you and I both know that some is not all. What is going to happen to me? I’ll survive. Perhaps my hopes of getting a syndicated column will come to fruition. Maybe that book deal will come through for me. Who knows?

However, something struck me as my family and I enjoyed our Tuesday. I have lived in Detroit all my life up until recently and I have gone through and seen much worse. Somehow, I survived. When I was born with a gigantic hole in my heart, doctors thought that I wouldn’t last a year. When I did, they’d say two. Then five. And when I finally reached my fifth birthday, the doctors were in awe. This little black girl has survived the odds. Maybe she does have a shot at a normal life. A life period. So, if I can make it through a sickly childhood to grow up in the inner city of Detroit, I can get through just about anything.

The funny part is, I have lived on and walked the streets of Linwood, Dexter, Woodward, Tuxedo, Fenkell, Mack and Puritan. I survived an era where the Young Boys Incorporated (a notorious drug gang) ruled the streets. I survived the brutal turf wars of the RPP’s and the 7 Mile Sconies. I came out of this time scared, shaken, yet still standing. Whatever comes of my health insurance crisis, I’m sure I will survive it.

Note to Senator McCain: Health care in this country needs a total makeover. No. Overhaul. If Senator Obama’s proposition for national total health care is going to cause a spike in taxes, so be it. When the benefits so outweigh the cons, why is there even a need for argument?

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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