Dexter King “Shocked” By Lawsuit Filed By Siblings

In a recent statement and interview given by Dexter King, whose siblings, Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III filed a lawsuit against him in Fulton County Federal Court last week, announced he was “shocked” and “blindsided” by the legal action.

“It totally blindsided me. I think maybe it was a reckless attempt to express their grievances. They are false claims and I will address them accordingly. We are a private family, it is a private business matter. You know, a family dispute, if you will. It’s probably blown out of proportion, but until I’ve had a chance to thoroughly review the complaint, it’s just kind of difficult for me to address it.”

Dexter King is accused of mishandling funds from King Inc., hiding important business documentation from his siblings and taking money out of the Coretta Scott King Estate and depositing these monies into his own personal account.

When questioned whether or not he had spoken to Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III since the suit was filed, Dexter King replied, “I left them a message to call me, so we could talk, and they have not returned the call. I just…I don’t understand it.”

It looks as if a bad case of telephone tag is behind this lawsuit. Maybe if Dexter had returned his siblings telephone calls from jump, none of this embarassing press and subsequent legal action would be taking place.

That is, if he hasn’t anything to hide. Stay tuned.

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One comment on “Dexter King “Shocked” By Lawsuit Filed By Siblings
  1. Jerrold Bartholomew says:


    I think your remarks about telephone tag may be on the mark. Litigation often results from a failure to keep in touch that is regarded (sometimes mistakenly) as stonewalling.

    I also wrote a post on the King litigation here:

    All the best,


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