Al Reynolds: “I Am Not A Homosexual”

Al Reynolds, the ex of former “View” co-host, Star Jones, decided to take the bull by the horns Wednesday by posting three interviews on YouTube. In his smooth, “metrosexual” fashion, Reynolds disclosed that his wedding to Star “was the most joyous day of my life.” He warmly and lovingly admits that “I fell in love with her (Star Jones) mind…I fell in love with our friendship.” He reminisced that their love affair was like a “high school romance.”

On the topic of his much debated sexuality, Reynolds adamantly denies the rumors. “I am not a homosexual,” Reynolds confessed, “this is kind of upsetting. It (the rumors of his romantic preference for men) has affected my business life and my personal life.” Commenting on his suave, suspect appearance, Reynolds says that that “will never stop.”

All in all, Al Reynolds made a pretty promising attempt to salvage his public image. Always poised and well-spoken, Reynolds seemed heart-felt and good-natured. When he spoke about his feelings for Star Jones, it was beyond sincere. He even admitted “to still wearing my (wedding) ring.”

However, the denials of being gay, well that portion of the interview didn’t quite convince Reynolds naysayers. Blogs and message boards are still stacked with comments of his homosexuality even moments after Reynolds’ denial. When asked if he and Star Jones are in contact with one another, Al Reynolds affectionately said that “we’re cordial. Things are still a little tender.”

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Al Reynolds: “I Am Not A Homosexual”
  1. Julien says:

    Al Reynolds is in a tough situation. Denying his homosexuality ain’t the proper solution…

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