Fox News Won’t Let Go Of A Good Thing…Drags Jesse Back For More Of The Same

FOX News refuses to let go of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s jugular!

Now, a FOX News insider confirms that Rev. Jesse Jackson did indeed use the “N” word in the midst of his tirade against Sen. Barack Obama last week. Saying that Obama “was telling “N” how to behave,” and how Obama “was talking down to Black People,” Jackson made these remarks during a break in taping, thinking that his mike was off. It wasn’t.

Jackson has since apologized for his “crude” remarks and faced the rebuke of his son, Jesse Jackson II. He has also faced the wrath of the very community he claims to love and support. So, when will this story die already?

When FOX News says so. One can only hope that Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan and any other self-serving public representative who would think that they are the mouth piece for the masses, think twice before accepting a turn in the hot seat at FOX News. So, be prepared. Even though FOX says they will not release the full audio of Jackson’s Obama rant, you can be assured that they will continue to feed the public bits and pieces of it until there is nothing left to disseminate!

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