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“It Is Time For A Change In America, And That Is Why I’m Running For President Of The United States!” Barack Obama Delivers Nomination Acceptance Speech To 80,000! Steps Into History!

Thursday evening, around 8pm standard mountain time, Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, stepped out of the political arena for a short time, and into United States history. Barack Obama became the first African American in U.S history to accept the nomination

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Michelle Obama, Sista From The “South Side,” Gives Speech Of A Lifetime At Democratic Convention

The Motown Sound was the backdrop for Michelle Obama, the wife of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, to deliver the speech that would give the nation a better glimpse at who her husband is. Michelle Obama was introduced Monday evening at the

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No More Kilpatrick Columns on “Lavande & Chocolat Amer!” We’re On Strike Until The Trial!

The staff here at ‘Lavande & Chocolat Amer” have come to this sickening reality: We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of covering Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his never-ending and confusing antics. We are tired of

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It’s Official! Joe Biden is Obama’s Choice In The Battle For “Change!”

With just the right touch of excitement in his voice, Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama made known the worst-kept secret these past forty-eight hours: Senator Joseph Biden is Obama’s Democratic Vice Presidential choice. The six term senator from Delaware

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Indepth Report And Commentary: Dexter King Countersues Siblings Over King Legacy

In another embarassing moment for the King family, Dexter King, who was slapped with a lawsuit by his siblings, Martin Luther King III and Rev. Bernice King weeks ago, filed a counter-suit in Fulton County Court in Georgia, Monday, August 18,

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Obama Selects Biden As VP Running Mate! A Brief Intro

Presumptive Presidential Democratic nominee Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joseph Biden to be his Vice Presidential ticket partner, Obama officials announced via text and emails to the media Saturday. Senator Joseph Biden began his senate career in 1972, at the

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Donald Goins: A Legendary Author Revisited

I am the consummate reader. I truly am. I like variety. I like a full-bodied story. I like a story that can bring me into the plot and make me believe that I am right in the thick of the

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