John Edward’s Affair and the Media Circus Surroundng It; Smoke Screen For Potential U.S. War Against Russia

How can it be that the biggest story on the news at the moment is about John Edwards and his affair?

John Edwards is not running for the Democratic nomination. He is not running as a Vice Presidential candidate. He is not campaigning for either Senators McCain or Obama. Why is the media running around like a chicken with its head cut off over a story that in no shape or form matters? It is simply because the American media, ran by Caucasian males, like to hear titillating illicit sex stories about one of their own. It is a sad hypocrisy about America in general. In public, the media and government claim to be against pornography and any sexual conduct outside of heterosexuality, when privately, these very acts are entertained and encouraged. The facts speak for themselves.

The real story is taking place in what was formerly the Soviet Union. Georgia, a province of Russia is being repeatedly bombed by Russia. Georgia, claiming independence, is under attack for its democracy. Georgia has been calling for the U.S to help them. So far and the media is always shaky with figures, more than 2,000 Georgians have perished in the bombing. If the U.S. DOES come to the aide of Georgia, it will result in the THIRD conflict that the U.S. will have a hand in, simultaneously.

Think of the tax dollars, the billions of dollars that will go overseas to finance this “war.” Where will the troop numbers come from? A draft, perhaps? Will a war be the propellant to McCain getting his foothold in the White House?

With those issues on the horizon, why isn’t the attack on Georgia taking prominence, center stage, instead of this ‘John Edwards Cheated on Sick Wife’ ridiculousness? Maybe this is being done purposely by the media to keep you and I in the dark about what is REALLY the story of the day.

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One comment on “John Edward’s Affair and the Media Circus Surroundng It; Smoke Screen For Potential U.S. War Against Russia
  1. Danny Vice says:

    Gitmo which is horrendously old news will likely get more news coverage over the next two years than the Edwards story will, because leftists would rather attack their own country over and over and over and over than make a single one of their own accountable for anything.

    Liberals will be in downplay mode, eager to get back to trashing their own country – saying:

    “Poor Edwards’ family. They must really be hurting right now. Now let’s get back to talking about how horrible America is…and how Conservatives are to blame – never minding the fact that liberals have been in control of congress for how long?.”

    That is the difference….

    When a conservative messes up, other conservatives pressure the idiot out of whatever office they hold or hope to hold. Conservatives don’t start making excuses, yipping again about 6 year old stories designed to announce to the world how much they hate their country.

    When a liberal lies, cheats, pays off a mistress and insults others in the process – well then liberals immediately go into all the reasons why it’s no big deal.

    Well here’s a news flash for the wild eyed, protest giddy leftist who seems to think this isn’t a big deal….. this story is not going away in a week.. or two… or three….Why?

    Because Edwards is STILL lying about half the story… He lies even when he “supposedly” is coming clean. Of course Clinton really said it best – it all depends on what the definition of “is” is…… l

    Danny Vice

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