You Read It Here First! The Rotting Stench In Detroit Goes Deeper Than Kilpatrick

If you are an avid reader of “Lavande’ & Chocolat Amer,” then you are familiar with the assessment that was given here in regards to the state of affairs in Detroit. Though the calls for Mayor Kilpatrick’s head in the form of a resignation letter would be a slight improvement in Detroit, it would just be that…slight.

As was seen all over the country Thursday, justice is spelled grammatically different in Detroit, Michigan. Only in Detroit will you find an obvious and blatant “suspect” Circuit Court Judge name Leonard Townsend, practice his own tailored style of justice for a man that has been charged with multiple felony counts and found in violation of his bond. Because Mayor Kilpatrick is “an important person,” in Judge Townsend’s eyes, it is “unfair” to impose a restrictive consequence to a defendant that has repeatedly shown contempt for the bond that he is under. The defendant shouldn’t have to wear an embarrassing electronic tether on his person so the Court can be well-informed of his movements. In Judge Townsend’s eyes, all of this is mere “silliness.”

Well, I do agree with Judge Townsend on that point: the silliness of this entire Kilpatrick saga.

Yes, it is “silly” for the mayor of a major city in the U.S. to be walking around with a tether on. But who caused this minor event to occur? The mayor himself by knowingly and purposely violating the conditions of his bond and landing his behind in jail. That was straight up “silly.” When the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department attempted to serve a subpoena on one of Kilpatrick’s friends at his sisters’ residence, and the mayor proceeded to instigate a shoving match, that was “silly,” too. Cheating on your wife like she is just a nobody that birthed three of your children, that is “silly.” You know that I can continue with this train of thought, right?

But Kwame Kilpatrick isn’t the worst part of Detroit’s problems. As I previously mentioned in a another column, Detroit needs to be cleaned from the top down. It is more than obvious to the world that a lot wrong with the city of Detroit stems from those who have the power or are a part of the power structure. With the performance of Judge Townsend, so alarmingly and appallingly on ‘the take,’ it is not hard to understand why Kwame Kilpatrick is still in office. How could a judge out and out, in front of the whole entire viewing audience, bend the rules with an ‘in you face’ sarcastic attitude and a smile, and the citizens of Detroit not riot?

It is because the rotting stench of back-door politicking has become a way of life in Detroit. While the mayor temporarily gains a victory because he “is an important person,” African American men in Detroit are being shuffled to jail for life on trumped up convictions just to close out a potential cold case. While it is okay for the mayor to ‘jump bail’ by “simply going across the street” to Canada, (which by the way IS a country, Councilwoman Barbara Rose Collins!) can the same be said for ole ‘Joe Blow’ on Kercheval? Doesn’t someone in his life deem him “important,” too?

So, the next African American man that comes through the court of Judge Townsend should expect, no deserves to be treated like the mayor was today, right? WRONG! The corruption going down in Detroit and that was on perfect display for the world to see, doesn’t begin or end with the resignation of Kwame Kilpatrick. He is just a minor player in these stench-drenched games.

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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5 comments on “You Read It Here First! The Rotting Stench In Detroit Goes Deeper Than Kilpatrick
  1. mispinster says:

    Tracey; I find your comments somewhat alarming. Let’s tell the entire story here. First, there are murderers and rapists walking around American cities who are out on bond, no tether. Mayor Kilpatrick is accused of lying, not murder, not robbery, and not rape. He has no criminal history, and is not a flight risk or a danger to the community. When our Mayor, Kilpatrick who we the citizens of Detroit elected twice violated his bond, he had received an emergency call from staff of Mayor Francis in Windsor claiming he needed to get over there quickly or the deal to lease the Detroit side of the Windsor Tunnel would fall through. This is a deal that is needed to fill a $65 million in the city’s budget and avoid at the worst 2,000 layoffs of city employees. What the judge said was the reason for bond is in the event someone will not appear in court (a flight risk), or someone is a danger to the community. Mayor Kilpatrick is neither. I am a Detroiter, born in west Michigan and raised on Detroit’s west side. This is not a city of corruption and I do not understand where you are getting your information. By the way, the Circuit Court Judge who heard the case yesterday is named Townsend not Thompson.

  2. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    Thank you, Mispinster for your comments. I, am a former Detroiter. Born and raised on Detroit’s West side. I graduated from Detroit Central High School. My Detroit education came via the neighborhoods of the Linwood-Puritan and 7 and 8 Mile areas of Northwest Detroit, Palmer Woods and Sherwood Forest, Dexter,Plymouth, Schoolcraft and Burt Rd., Rosedale Park, Elmhurst and Tuxedo, Livernois and Hazellete…Cadieux, Mack, Alter Rd., Conner and The Points. I watched “The Scene” and loved The Electricfying Mojo. Detroit has been and always will be in my blood. However, this love is not a blinding one. Detroit is corrupt and crooked and has been for over twenty years now. Mayor Coleman Young’s last years in office was fraught with so much garbage that eventually former police Chief Hart went to prison for a crime that HE didn’t mastermind, but implemented for the wrong people. Right now, at this moment, Detroit Police officers are accepting payoffs from drug dealers for their silence. Ella Bullings Cummings, who claims that she knows absolutely nothing in the firing of those police officers, but is documented plotting it, makes arrests in high profile cases, on the mayor’s behest, only to release them in the dark of night…knowing from jump that the person was innocent. Remember the young man that was jacked up because it was believed that he shot into a crowd during the fireworks? What happened next? They concluded that the young man was telling the truth after all…eventhough EVERY WITNESS the DPD interviewed gave a totally diferent description of the true culprit and it was established that the man they were holding WASN’T EVEN AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. But someone had to go down because the SuperBowl officials were in town and the Mayor wanted things to “appear” great. By the way, that lawsuit cost the City of Detroit a few millions. That is just one case among thousands. City Council? Since Maryann Mahaffey has passed, the Council and its’ members has lost its integrity. You have Conyers, Collins, Reeves…all elected on name recognition. The mayor himself would have lost that last election if Dennis Archer had run for mayor again. There wasn’t anyone on the election ballot that Detroiters wanted to elect. So, they threw the towel in and re-elected Kilpatrick, hoping that this second term would be better than the first. Black folks are the most forgiving humans on this planet. That is well-documented, too. Go down and really do some investigating into Detroit governmental affairs and I assure you, you will come across some things that will make your head spin. Payoffs, buyoffs and kick-backs. Handshakes and backdoor deals. I don’t understand where you get your information, either. Pick up a Metro Times or Michigan Citizen and get the real story on what is going on in Detroit. Oh…and Kilpatrick wants to leave office, he does. He’s just waiting for the right time and $$$offer$$$ to do so. Trust and believe that.

  3. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    The Mayor is accused of obstructing justice and commiting perjury which are HUGE counts in themselves. He is documented on videotape lying and obstructing justice in a court of law during a trial of which he swore on a Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Then, when those text messages were made public…he already knew they existed and had attorneys to surpress the evidence during the the civil suit trial…he gets on television and ADMITS to playing Detroiters like a fool. He has robbed the citizens of Detroit of millions of dollars. AND he has killed the hopes and dreams of Detroiters that did have his back all of this time. He destroyed the lives of those police officers and their families. His goons stalked, harassed and systematically tore their reputations apart. That is character assassaination. U.S. Constitutional priviledges didn’t come to Kilpatrick’s mind when he trashed those former police officers to cover up an affair that he and his wife “worked through years ago.” If that was the TRUTH, why get up on a witness stand and viciously and methodically lie about it? As my great-grandfather, born and raised in Georgia told us, “If you steal, you lie. If you lie and steal, you are able to murder. They all go hand in hand.” By the way, if there was such an emergency that Kilpatrick really needed to get to Windsor to “save Detroit,” why didn’t he call up Judge Townsend or any other Judge favorable to him and ask for permission to go? As we saw yesterday, Judge Townsend would have been more than glad to do so.

  4. Okay Tracey foster EYE saw you last night trying to make your self relevant again last night of KMK and his wife ! What’s the matter ? Those white folks you wrote for back then are done with you ? why is that ? what happen to the 100’s of black journalist who wrote ALL THOSE ALLEGORICAL STORIES on the former Mayor that have NOW come to light as being just that ALLEGORICAL STORIES MADE UP BY WANNA BE JOURNALIST LIKE YOURSELF WHO DIDN’T DO ANY FACT CHECKING ! why is that Tracey ? Why is it only jim Schaffer and M.L Elrick who won those fake Pulitzers ????? Your attempt at cooning last night in that chat room was to ME A sad state of affairs ,you were in a chat room like a ,,,,,I really don’t know what to call it but EYE see now your just like the hundreds of women in detroit who NOW FINALLY see just what this WHOLE KMK SCANDAL WAS ALL ABOUT ! IT TO BAD AND SAD ,THAT YOU JUST DON’T GET IT ! WE LOVE ALL THE SAME THOUGH ! WAKE UP TRACEY FOSTER JOIN THE REAL WORLD GET OUT THE MATRIX IT’S 2012 NOT 1912 ! SMDH

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Hi Daniel and Thanks for reading my news blog! I am not taken aback by your comments. Nor am I offended if that was the point of your comment reply. I was ASKED to join the discussion in the chat room by the Hosts of the KMK interview. I don’t know what it is that I am supposed to SEE now. Just what was the scandal about? Thoughts? Court documentation says one thing and you can have your own opinions. I FACT CHECKED my information with Kim Worthy’s office BEFORE I posted anything. I checked with reporters who were on top of the scandal and one of those won that ‘fake’ Pulitzer that you are a fan of. My only mistake? Giving KMK the time of day…I should have just passed on listening to the interview. Period. What was the point anyway? This is America and every one gets the chance to SPIN the truth if they like.

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