“It Is Time For A Change In America, And That Is Why I’m Running For President Of The United States!” Barack Obama Delivers Nomination Acceptance Speech To 80,000! Steps Into History!

Thursday evening, around 8pm standard mountain time, Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, stepped out of the political arena for a short time, and into United States history. Barack Obama became the first African American in U.S history to accept the nomination of a major political party. Standing in a stadium, that some estimate held almost 80,000 registered Democrats and a general audience of Obama supporters, Barack Obama stood poised and ready to do what it was that he came to Invesco Stadium to do: deliver a powerful acceptance speech that would shape and define his campaign for the next 67 days. Obama began with the crowd stirring line, “America, we are better than the last eight years!”

Barack Obama didn’t play softball Thursday. He played NFL style football with some serious tactical defense and offensive maneuvers. Obama, for the first time in the eighteen months that he has campaigned, attacked the policies and judgment of presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. “John McCain has voted with George Bush 90% of the time,” Obama pointed out. “I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to take a 10% chance on change.” Quick to point out that McCain should be honored and respected for his military valor, Obama on the other hand fired verbal missiles at McCain for being out of touch and “simply not getting it.” Obama’s verbal missiles continued with the Democratic Presidential nominee sarcastically, with an ‘in your face’ bravado, attacking McCain about his passive position towards the ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan and the Bush administration’s non-existent efforts to apprehend Osama Bin Laden, the master-mind behind 9/11. Obama even shamelessly alluded to the fact that if Bin Laden were in a cave, McCain wouldn’t go in after him!

That’s Barack Obama on attack!

Senator Obama finally did what Republicans and their naysayers have complained about for months. Obama laid out his plan. Among making the usual political promises of cutting taxes, Obama told the crowd of more than 80,ooo at Invesco Stadium, that he would cut taxes for all 95% of middle class families. Obama said that he would “spend $150 million dollars to find renewable, affordable sources of energy…and invest in clean coal technology.”

With gasoline prices hovering nationwide around $3.66 a gallon and strategists claiming that oil prices are on a slow rise again, Obama promised that if elected, “in ten years we (The United States of America) will finally end our dependence on foreign oil in the Middle East…NOW is the time to stop this addiction!” Public education is a major failure made even more critical by the Bush administration’s “No Child Left Behind.” This law has left children in urban neighborhoods farther than just ‘behind’ with schools closing because of not meeting up to the “No Child Left Behind” unstable and poorly thought out fantastical educational guidelines.

Obama, a strong advocate for education, announced that his Presidential plan is to develop an early childhood education program for children entering school and to hire more teachers and increase teacher’s salaries. Obama took universal health care to another level by making the plight personal. He mentioned that his cancer stricken mother, from her hospital bed, had to fight the insurance companies to get the health care coverage she needed but was discriminated against because of her illness. Many in the stadium and the millions watching could very much relate. Obama said that if he were to win in November, he would see to it that Americans have the same health care coverage that those in Congress have at their disposal.

A night filled with history, promises and plans, Barack Obama made a Super Bowl effort in cementing the loyalty of his supporters and winning over Hillary Clinton die-hard supporters. Reminding the world-wide audience that despite what the Republicans have said about him and his inexperience, “[This campaign] has never been about me. It is about you! It is about you!.”

“Change,” Obama concluded emphatically, “doesn’t come FROM Washington, but TO Washington.”

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One comment on ““It Is Time For A Change In America, And That Is Why I’m Running For President Of The United States!” Barack Obama Delivers Nomination Acceptance Speech To 80,000! Steps Into History!
  1. Claire V. says:

    Obviously the jury is still out on the silver-tongued Barrack. After eight years of misery at the hands of the Republicans, I want so desperately to believe in his message. He seemingly carries a lot of cultural baggage along, but again, time will tell. I thought your remarks were ‘spot-on’.

    Anyway, I stumbled into a political cartoon that, in a twisted sense, kind of expresses the hopelessness I feel with our political leadership as the first decade of the 21st century draws to an end. Thought you might appreciate the cartoon, compliments of Cafe Press.


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