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Oscar Award Winning Actor And Humanitarian, Paul Newman, Dies At 83!

The handsome and talented Paul Newman has died. Newman succumbed to cancer at home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 83. Born on January 26, 1924, in Shakers Heights, Ohio, Paul Newman grew up in a middle American home. Known to be unruly

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The First Presidential Debate In The Can! Three More To Go!

It was a debate within itself whether or not Senator John McCain should show up at Ole Miss Friday night. It was a debate whether or not there should even be a debate given the status of the $700 billion dollar Congressional

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President Clinton Makes Debut Appearance On “The View!” Hasselbeck Shut Down Again!

Okay. There are so many things to detail about Monday’s “View.” Whoopie wore a hideous black dress with huge bright read pearls, black stockings and the ugliest pair of plastic red shoes that ever was! Ironically, Elizabeth Hasselbeck picked out

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Legendary Natalie Cole Hospitalized! Full Recovery Expected!

Eight-time Grammy Award winner Natalie Cole has been hospitalized since September 12th due to the side effects of chemotherapy and other medications the vocalist has been taking to fight her courageous battle with Hepatitis C, a spokesman has reported. Natalie Cole

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Can Solange Step Out Of Beyonce’s Shadow? Look’s Like She’s Giving It The Ole Harvard Try!

Solange Knowles is on a serious media kick. Last week, you could find Solange on “The View.” This week, Tyra’s show. Solange Knowles is making the rounds hard. No doubts about that. But doesn’t it seem as if she is

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O.J. Simpson Fighting For His Freedom…Again! Vegas Trial Underway!

O.J. Simpson must have felt a wave of nausea overcome him on Monday as he sat in a Las Vegas courtroom, listening to another prosecutor make a case for him to live the rest of his life behind prison bars.

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Oprah’s “Base” Audience Revolts! Boycott Begins Over Palin-Free Show Until Election!

An Oprah-free world? Is that possible? Who would survive it? Is a boycott really necessary? The Florida Federation of Republican Women seem to think it is and they are prepared to take the boycott to the limits! Well, at least

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