Will He Or Won’t He? Sources Say Detroit Mayor To Plead Guilty On Thursday!

Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Maria Miller created a media frenzy by issuing a statement saying that embattled Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick had agreed to a plea deal and then moments later, rescinding that statement. Sources in Detroit are divided over what to make of the rescinded announcement. Insiders in the KIlpatrick administration say that the Mayor has no intentions of accepting a plea deal that was leaked by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office weeks ago.

However, Judge Edward Ewell, Sr. told the Detroit Free Press late Wednesday that Kwame Kilpatrick is expected to plead guilty 9am Thursday morning in front of Wayne County Court Circuit Judge David Groner.

Will he or won’t he? Mayor Kilpatrick would more than likely stand a better chance politically if he did plead out instead of going to trial. A trial would indeed disclose the mayor’s dirty, filthy laundry for all to dissect. The audience could very well include indirectly the mayor’s immediate and extended family. Why put the ones he love through such a traumatic and publicly humiliating experience?

Why put Detroit residents through more of the same kind of intense national scrutiny that they have survived for more than three years now? If the mayor does plan to plead guilty Thursday, he will do the citizens of Detroit and his own family a huge favor.

For once Kwame, think of the citizens whom you work for and not your own selfish, prideful interests.

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