McCain’s VP Selection Palin Expected To Calm Republican Fears In Speech Set For Wednesday

Right on the heels of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain’s announcement of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his pick for VP, the boom dropped on Palin’s seventeen year old daughter’s pregnancy. What a dilemma! How do you keep up the facade of a political party that parades ‘ old-fashioned American values’ while supporting a vice presidential candidate that has a daughter who has become a national statistic?

Well, the Republican party is attempting to do just that Wednesday evening at the Republican Convention where Governor Palin will speak in front of millions about her personal and political life. Mostly political one can only hope. In the audience, Palin’s family will be accompanied by her soon-to-be son in law, father of her grandchild. What sense in any reality does that make?

The alarming reality of the whole situation is that the teens are planning to marry. What is this, the 1950’s? A shot-gun wedding masquerading as a band-aid for the Republican party? Is marriage the only way to contain a political embarrassment? Is the Republican party setting women’s rights back to the stone age with this impending teenage marriage? What of the alternatives to a quickie marriage? Does a seventeen year old pregnant mother to be have to sign her life away by making not one, but two life-changing, life-altering decisions that she is barely mentally able to understand, nor fully comprehend? In a country that has the highest divorce rate of any other industrialized nation in the world, why would Governor Palin sanction a shot-gun, teen-aged marriage that on all knowledgeable and foreseeable fronts, is doomed before it begins?

Perhaps the Republican party and Governor Palin will clue us in Wednesday night at 10pm.

Contributed by Lavande & Chocolat Amer Staff Reporter

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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