“I Want To Tell You Detroit That You Have Set Me Up For A Comeback!” Kwame Kilpatrick Announced In His Resignation Speech

Amid a room packed full of loyal Kilpatrick supporters and remnants of his out-going administration, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick entered the conference room to deliver his final address to a loud applause and whistles of support. Looking assured and confident after taking a plea deal that will see him behind bars for at least 120 days, Mayor Kilpatrick told the awaiting press, and in essence, Detroit citizens, that what had transpired Thursday was merely a “new beginning, not the end.”

“Detroit is a remarkable example of progress and resilience,” Kilpatrick said as he listed the numerous achievements that his administration made for the betterment of Detroit. Saying that it had always been his dream, since the age of 9, to be the mayor of his “hometown, Detroit,” Kilpatrick reflected that “true public service is bigger than one individual.”

With those opening words, Kwame Kilpatrick stated that after “prayers and fasting, I have decided to step down as Mayor of the city of Detroit. I take full responsibility for my actions and poor judgement…now is the time to move forward. Standing strong means stepping down.”

Then, in a not so startling move on the mayor’s part, Kilpatrick, in the same breath, denounced Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s involvement in the mayoral removal hearings that were suspended Thursday afternoon. Basically blaming the media, “those with political aspirations,” and Granholm for his problems, Kilpatrick then told the governor that he “wish her well.”

Mayor Kilpatrick thanked his loyal supporters for sticking by him and praying for him because those prayers made “my wife [ Carlita Kilpatrick] and I closer than ever.” Closing his resignation speech on a higher note, Kilpatrick told his loyal supporters and Detroit citizens what his future plans would be:

“[Because of your support] I will tell you Detroit, that you have set me up for a comeback!”

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