Michelle Obama on “Ellen” And Elizabeth Hasselbeck On Michelle Obama

The political season and the stress that goes along with it for television viewers is in full swing. On Monday’s “Ellen,” Michelle Obama semi-campaigned for her husband, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Ellen DeGeneres was able to bring out the funny from Michelle and it seemed as if she loosened up a bit. Which is a good thing. Michelle Obama is way too young to act like a iron-stiff librarian as some candidates and First Ladies have been in the past.

It was definitely refreshing to see the conversation remain light and tension-free between Michelle Obama and Ellen. However, I am sure that that was not the case on “The View” when Michelle was last on.

If you listen to Elizabeth Hasselbeck tell it. Over the weekend, the very opinionated and seldom wrong Hasselbeck decided to do some campaign stomping for McCain/Palin at a fundraiser. In her special sarcastic way, Elizabeth Hasslebeck disclosed that when “a certain candidate’s wife appeared on the view, there was a list of topics that could not be discussed,” and then insinuated that the Obamas “had something to hide.”

I watched “The View” that day, as I have previously reported on this site, and in my opinion, Michelle Obama was very forthcoming and personable about the topics that was discussed. She spoke of her family, her children, her 16 year marriage to Barack Obama, her acute love of fashion, Barack’s political aspirations and why she feels her husband should be President of The United States.

What else substantial did Michelle Obama not cover? She wa not there to run down Barack Obama’s energy or health care plan. Nor was she on “The View” to debate what others on the campaign circuit said about her ie. Cindy McCain and the “I Love My Country Why Don’t You?” tirade. Michelle Obama was on “The View” to give the audience and the viewing audience at large, a clear picture of who she is and what she herself stand for. The idea was to soften and broaden Michelle Obama’s appeal overall. She was not on “The View” to feed Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s id.

The sad thing about Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s ‘revelation,’ is that it cheapens the entire interviewing process. Michelle Obama is not the only person to be interviewed that has a list of topics that are not up for public discussion. It is nothing for a journalist to receive a request to forward questions in advance from a person to be interviewed. It is up to the journalist, however, to agree to such conditions or not. Obviously, Barbara Walters and “The Views” producers chose to go along with the Obama publicists suggestions in order to secure Michelle Obama’s appearance.

What is so bad about that, Elizabeth? Could it be that Michelle Obama was able to do what no other guest has on “The View,” which is to put an uncomfortable muzzle on your mouth? Has anyone noticed that when Elizabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t get her way, she throws a ‘terrible two’s’ tantrum? In this particular case, Hasselbeck decided to do so at the expense of Michelle Obama. If my memory serves me correct, Elizabeth Hasselbeck said in an exclusive interview with FOX News’ Hannity and Combs immediately after Michelle Obama’s appearance on “The View” that everything went well and that there were no hard feelings or animosity on the set. Hasselbeck stated the same thing when questioned at length by CNN’s Larry King.

So, which is it? Sounds a little suspect to me. Should the public at large believe the hype? Should the public buy into the obvious and desperate tactics of Elizabeth Hasselbeck to swing independents and Hillary Clinton supporters to McCain/Palin’s pocket? Hopefully Hasselbeck’s desperation was as apparent as the Pinocchio-sized nose that grew rapidly on her face and the huge invisible cleaver she wielded in her hand as she delivered her fundraiser address.

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2 comments on “Michelle Obama on “Ellen” And Elizabeth Hasselbeck On Michelle Obama
  1. Howard says:

    I would love to see the women of the View, or bloggers who bash Palin’s competence, run a state with 23,000 employees, create a surplus budget, negotiate a 40 Billion dollar gas pipeline, earn the most popular governor in America rating, raise 5 children, and run for Vice President of the United States … And, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, is the only member of the View with the character and honesty to speak the truth, even if it requires the courage to swim against the current. Compare Palin’s track record to Obama’s. Obama hasn’t really done anything, except pursue a career of running for office … and, he’s on top of the ticket !!!

  2. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    Well, it is unfortunate that Governor Palin isn’t running for President, right? It would seem as if she is more qualified for the job than Obama, Biden & McCain! Especially since she has no clue as to what the job description of Vice President is!

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