O.J. Simpson Fighting For His Freedom…Again! Vegas Trial Underway!

O.J. Simpson must have felt a wave of nausea overcome him on Monday as he sat in a Las Vegas courtroom, listening to another prosecutor make a case for him to live the rest of his life behind prison bars. Orenthal James Simpson faces a dozen or so felony charges that includes conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, assault and kidnapping with a deadly weapon. These charges stems from an incident that took place last year with O.J. Simpson seeking to reclaim items that were allegedly stolen from his home. These items were collector trading cards, pictures, trophies and other memorabilia that O.J. Simpson said were a part of his exclusive collection and not for sale.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Chris Owens played a tape of Simpson going ballistic upon breaking and entering a suspected memorabilia dealer’s hotel room, shouting profanities and threats. Seeking some type of “street justice,” as it would seem, Simpson was said to have been waving a gun and totally going insane over the fact that the dealer was planning to profit from stolen merchandise.

The only problem with this argument is that O.J. Simpson should have filed a police complaint before executing his “vigilante tirade.” Which is one of the reasons why he is facing life in prison if found guilty of the serious charges against him. It has to be a sad case of deja vu for O.J. Simpson.

In other O.J. news, Fred Goldman made an appearance on “The View” on Monday to talk about the re-releasing of “I DID IT! The Confessions of a Killer,” which of course coincides with the start of the second installment of the O.J. Simpson trial/parade…The Millennial Edition. Goldman stated that even though the criminal trial against Simpson for the deaths of his son, Ron Goldman, and O.J. Simpson’s ex, Nicole Brown Simpson, went horridly wrong, in his opinion, the present trial has nothing to do with the first.

“If he [Simpson] were found guilty because people wanted to get even for his acquittal[October 3, 1995], it would just be another indication of how messed up our system is. He should be found guilty of these charges and these charges only.”

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One comment on “O.J. Simpson Fighting For His Freedom…Again! Vegas Trial Underway!
  1. Jess says:

    There’s a great blog written by a journalist named Harmon Leon who costarred with OJ Simpson on a hidden camera prank show. It’s absolutely unbelievable. There’s even video of it.

    Check it out here:


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