Oprah’s “Base” Audience Revolts! Boycott Begins Over Palin-Free Show Until Election!

An Oprah-free world? Is that possible? Who would survive it? Is a boycott really necessary?

The Florida Federation of Republican Women seem to think it is and they are prepared to take the boycott to the limits! Well, at least for another six weeks. Come on! Who really do these women think they are? Do they believe that boycotting Oprah Winfrey’s international daytime phenomenon is going to get VP candidate Governor Sarah Palin closer to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” couch? If that is the purpose and intent, then the Florida Federation of Republican Women are sadly mistaken.

Oprah is not going to back down. There is zero amount of pressure that an individual or an organization can apply to her that will make Oprah rethink her stance. Sales of “O Magazine” are up and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” is enjoying high Nielsen ratings since the beginning of the new Fall ’08 season. So, the boycott has yet to make a ripple of a wave in Oprah’s ocean.

The Florida Federation of Republican Women are not committed to this boycott for the sake of wanting to inform voters on what Gov. Palin’s platform is, Charles Gibson thoroughly dissected it last week on ABC. The Florida Federation of Republican Women are only interested in generating negative publicity for the Obama campaign and generating sympathy and support for the McCain campaign. That is crystal clear. If Oprah had invited Barack Obama to come on her show to discuss his political agenda for winning the White House in November, then perhaps it would be a safe bet to scream “BOYCOTT!” if she refused to have the McCain/Palin duo on her show. However, Obama’s last appearance on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” was in 2006.

Furthermore, Gov. Palin’s leap into American history is indeed a moment in time to remember. No one is debating this. Winfrey stated in her press release last week that she would love to have Palin on the show. After the election. What is so difficult to understand about that? Would it be fair to assume that Winfrey has some sort of prejudice because of her loyalty to Obama? That is a fair conclusion. But the mere fact that Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, who is also now a supporter of Obama, have not appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” this election season has to mean something. If Winfrey were found to be a hypocrite and a liar because she used her program as a political platform for Obama/Biden and not extend the same courtesy to McCain/Palin after publicly stating that she would not use her show as such, then an inquiry would be necessary.

On the opposite side of the coin, it is a little amusing to see the core base of Winfrey viewers gearing up to boycott her. It is certainly no secret that “The Oprah Winfrey Show” makes it a habit to cater to the interests of upper middle class Caucasian ‘hockey mom’s’ in suburbia. That is why Florida Federation of Republican Women president Linda Ivell can validly say that “It just seemed so odd…” to not ask Gov. Sarah Palin to come on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” when she supposedly has overwhelmingly much in common with Oprah’s viewing audience.

In a way, that is a little “odd.”

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4 comments on “Oprah’s “Base” Audience Revolts! Boycott Begins Over Palin-Free Show Until Election!
  1. Carolyn Hensel says:

    If I were Sarah Palen I wouldn’t touch the Oprah Show. Note the disrespectful treatment John McCain received on The View with Barbara Walters falling asleep as he spoke. Moderate and Conservative candidates should save their time and stop boosting the ratings of left wing/socialist talk show hosts and that includes almost everyone on the air.

  2. JimmyK says:

    Seriously, white conservative middle class. PFFFT I think not. Oprah cares only for her own. Shes been campaigning for Obama since he was running for some pissant lower government job something like alderman in chicago. If Oprah asked her mindless drone brainwashed viewers to read a comic book they would make it a best seller. Its funny to see the amount of celebrities already making excuses for the Savior of The USA. Things like you’ll have to give him time to fix the economy and the war in iraq and yadda yadda yadda. Obama hasnt even been sworn in yet and the excuses and blame against the republican PArty has already started. It wasnt Bush’s fault that Osama had some nuts fly planes into The twin towers. It wasnt his fault that the banks in your country decided to give every person with 10 bucks in there pocket a mortgage and surprise they couldnt keep up with their payments. But heh if he does as crappy as ole GW then he’s got a built in excuse at least for a little while. Look it was the Republicans that did all this well at least for the next year or so that will fly. How long ya think befor people in your country will let that excuse slide?

  3. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    Thank you for your comment! I don’t think that supporters of President-Elect Barack Obama are making excuses for him in regards to his plans for America in the next four years. What I do believe is that, as President-Elect Obama said in his victory speech Tuesday evening, there is no quick fix, no POOF! and like magic everything is sunny and bright. We Americans tend to want instant gratification…it has served to be a downfall for Wall Street and Main Street alike. Americans want what they want IMMEDIATELY, which is a tendency that will have to be overcome if the country is to get back on track…or develop a new one. It took twenty-five years for the economy to crash and burn the way it did. This mess didn’t happen in four or eight years. This mess began with the Reagan Administration’s de-regulation of Wall Street. The Republicans are definitely responsible for what has happened.

  4. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    Also…it is so easy to blame low to moderate income families for the mortgage crisis. But who was it that held the purse strings? The keys to Disney World? The combination to the safe? The banks and lenders are entirely responsible. We come to THEM for credit. Because of their G-R-E-E-D and under the table deals that were barely legal, banks and lenders HAPPILY drafted mortgages and refinanced homes! As I have mentioned before on this site, it’s like this: A parent constantly spoils a child, giving that child money and privledges that is doesn’t deserve, but the parent gives it anyway. When the well runs dry and there is no more money, who’s to blame? The child or the parent who knew better? Something to think about.

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