Can Solange Step Out Of Beyonce’s Shadow? Look’s Like She’s Giving It The Ole Harvard Try!

Solange Knowles is on a serious media kick. Last week, you could find Solange on “The View.” This week, Tyra’s show. Solange Knowles is making the rounds hard. No doubts about that. But doesn’t it seem as if she is running a marathon? You know what I mean. Running fast and furious away from Beyonce’s mammoth shadow. That particular sprint is a long and taxing one. I hope that Solange has trained hard for this event because it will take nearly everything she’s got to succeed. But can she?

Well, considering that Solange’s latest release, “Sol-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams,” (whatever that means!) is selling at a semi-moderate pace and the critics haven’t completely panned the endeavor shows in itself that there is a possibility that Solange could stand alone, minus Beyonce’s influence. The collection of music that Solange has presented showcases an amazing awareness of songwriting and musical production that is incomparable to what is on the charts at this time.

The obvious throw-back to sixties and seventies soul/R&B is exactly what propels Solange above and beyond what’s happening amongst her peers. If you take a close look at the leading R&B/Hip Hop female performers, you will find that even though the music is slightly different, the lyrics and the melody are one in the same. There is no diversity, no creativity or individuality that sets one female vocalist apart from the next. I use ‘vocalist’ loosely.

However, Solange’s obvious determination to find her own voice and showcase is quite evident on “I Decided” and “Sandcastle Disco.” These examples display Solange’s acknowledgement and rapt aptitude about what is going on around her in the music industry. Solange has done a masterful job in distinguishing herself from other R&B vocalists. This includes her sister Beyonce.

But let’s not get it twisted. Little sista better kick it up a notch between now and November because word on the street is Beyonce’ is itching to release her new music by Thanksgiving. That’s right! So, Solange, get out there and make it happen, NOW! Before the Beyonce’ BLITZ!

That also goes for Destiny Child’s group member Michelle Williams. Get that album out NOW before its’ too late! Remember what happened to poor Kelly. If you don’t know, better ask somebody!

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