President Clinton Makes Debut Appearance On “The View!” Hasselbeck Shut Down Again!

Okay. There are so many things to detail about Monday’s “View.” Whoopie wore a hideous black dress with huge bright read pearls, black stockings and the ugliest pair of plastic red shoes that ever was! Ironically, Elizabeth Hasselbeck picked out the ensemble, they say. Simply horrible! Why didn’t anybody have the courage to tell Whoopie that she looked absolutely terrible? Well, it wasn’t her fault.

President Bill Clinton sat on “The View” couch poised and ready to go!

The ladies of “The View,” in all fairness, weren’t as hard on President Clinton as they were on Senator John McCain. I suppose this is because everyone appeared to be giddy and enambored over the former President. He does have a certain charisma and va-va voom that oozes. Perhaps this factor temporarily blinded the ladies of “The View.” All except Elizabeth Hasselbeck who appeared to truly care less. Hasselbeck maintained a blank expression that could very well be mistakened for utter dislike. Even so, she remained silent with only an occasional prepared question for President Clinton.

President Clinton, however, was his usual charismatic self, ducking and dodging, if not outright lying about how his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton felt about being passed over for the VP nod, or the reasons behind Sen. Clinton’s apparent delay in conceding to Barack Obama upon realization that he carried enough votes to win the Democratic nomination. But, of course, when the Democratic Party is attempting to show a united face in order to defeat the Republicans this November, it is to be expected that President Clinton will not disclose the real deal. We’ll have to wait a couple of years for him to tell all in his memoir.

But on the hot topic of the day, the proposed $700 billion dollar bail-out in order to stabilize a collapsed economy crisis, President Clinton acknowledged the various reports from market analysts that the market crisis began during his administration. Clinton stated that upon doing his own independent research, he found that today’s market has more than doubled since his presidency and that those calls for  placing unwarranted blame are unsubstantiated.

“You could argue that we should have reined in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, even though there weren’t any problems then. We had the Democrats and the Republicans all over us because they had so much political money to give!” President Clinton recalled. Not willing to accept the blame for a crumbling economic system that was stable during his tenure in the White House, President Clinton surmised that “risk taking and unaccountability has led us to this…this whole thing started with the mortgage crisis.”

When pressed as to whom he thinks will become the next President of The United States, President Clinton did not hesitate to say affirmatively that Barack Obama will. Then he outlined why he believes his assumption is correct by factoring three concrete reasons:

1. 2/3 of the American people are facing a debilitating financial crisis.

2. America is becoming more diverse.

3. Voter registration is up for Democrats and flat for the Republicans in 20 of the most important states.

While “the American people admire Sen. John McCain,” President Clinton stated, Americans are looking for a change in government. Elizabeth Hasselbeck did not look that happy upon hearing President Clinton break it down the way only he can. But, President Clinton was quick to point out that “there will never be a time when both the perfect free market and the perfect government will solve all the problems.”

The highlight of the entire show? Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s forced silence. Priceless!

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