Oscar Award Winning Actor And Humanitarian, Paul Newman, Dies At 83!

The handsome and talented Paul Newman has died. Newman succumbed to cancer at home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 83.

Born on January 26, 1924, in Shakers Heights, Ohio, Paul Newman grew up in a middle American home. Known to be unruly and rebellious, Newman was expelled from Harvard and soon after joined the Navy where he served for three years and saw action in World War II.

Paul Newman was known as a strong thespian with raw energy and charisma. With piercing blue eyes and a cool demeanor, Newman presented an image of the classic Caucasian actor. Paul Newman was just not an another actor plucked from a pool of B-list extras, nor was he discovered waiting tables at a soda shop. Newman was a student of his craft. He took the art of acting seriously having studied at the famed New York Actors’ Studio. Newman was a trained method actor, a style made famous by Lee Strasberg.

Newman made his Broadway debut in 1953, starring in the William Inges play, “Picnic.” The following year, Paul Newman starred in his first film, a dud, “The Chalice.” The movie was such a flop that Newman took out a newspaper ad and apologized. In 1986, Paul Newman won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in “The Color Of Money,” a sequel to his hit, “The Hustler.” This would be his eighth nomination and first win. Newman was nominated for an Academy Award ten times. Paul Newman won a Tony in 2002, an Emmy in 2003, and a Golden Globe in 2005.

As an activist and philanthropist, Paul Newman supported various charitable organizations, and in fact, founded several of his own. In 1982, Paul Newman and friend A.E. Hotchner, founded “Newman’s Own,” which has sold more than $200 million in products. These sales have all gone to charity. “Newmans Own” is a collection of various food staples that are healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly. In June 2008, Paul Newman turned over $120 million along with entire “Newmans Own” company to charity.

Paul Newman was married twice and enjoyed a rewarding partnership with second wife, film and Emmy-Award winning actress Joanne Woodward for 51years. Together they have five children.

Paul Newman…One of the Greats! Dead at 83.

Paul Newman’s Greatest Films:

“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Exodus,” “The Hustler,” “Cool Hand Luke,” “The Sting,” “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” The Verdict,” “The Long, Hot Summer,” “Paris Blues” (w/Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll), “Hud,” and “From The Terrace.”

As a director:

“The Glass Menagerie,” “Harry & Son,” “Rachel, Rachel,” “Sometimes a Violin”

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Oscar Award Winning Actor And Humanitarian, Paul Newman, Dies At 83!
  1. coffee fiend says:

    Paul Newman is a legend for his work in movies, and he’s a stud for all his work outside of movies

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