The Vice Presidential Debate: Palin Does Well, Biden Does Better

No one thought that Alaskan Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin could pull it off. Some political pundits proclaimed her failure and ineptness before the scheduled debate even took place. However, Palin’s worst critics had to admit at 11:02pm Tuesday that their rush to judgement was premature at best.

The first and only Vice Presidential Debate of the 2008 election season was interesting to watch and the two candidates held their own throughout the entire ninety minutes of the debate. PBS political commentator and journalist Gwen Ifill accomplished what any moderator in her shoes would have done. She moderated a smooth discussion of the issues without prejudice towards either candidate. The fast-talking political commentators and GOP supporters who were basically calling for the blood of Ifill because of the book she is working on concentrates of the trek that African Americans have made in U.S. government, which includes the first African American to be taken seriously in the quest for the White House, Barack Obama.

How it is that this book came to light, which wasn’t a secret from jump, is totally suspect. Both campaigns were well-aware of Gwen Ifill’s book and neither had a reported problem with that fact. Unfortunately, instead of being respected for the remarkable journalist that she is, Gwen Ifill’s reputation and integrity as a well-respected journalist had to be slandered. This was all in preparation for the supposed failure of Gov. Palin if she choked, crashed and burned. The scapegoat would be Ifill and not Palin’s retention capacity. The truth of the matter is that those within the GOP weren’t certain or confident how Palin would fare.

However we know that Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t choke, she may have stumbled, but she did not choke. Well, what was the average American thinking while the VP Debate rolled forward? Perhaps this:

9:02pm: After Gwen Ifill introduces the VP candidates, they shake hands and Gov. Palin asks Sen. Biden if she can call him “Joe.” Are they friends now? Is she being funny? This is war, not a celebrity meet and greet.

9:05pm: Right out the gate, here Palin comes with that Soccer Mom stuff. Is she going to beat us over the heads with this ideology? No new material? She looks kinda nervous and robotic as she looks into the camera. Hopefully this won’t last the entire 90 mts.

9:07pm: Sen. Biden looks ready to do his thing. He seems relaxed. But he has an old ham at this.

9:08pm: Cool to see the candidates look and engage one another. Not like the Presidential Debates. McCain refused to eye-ball Obama. Somebody got the memo.

9:10pm: Now it’s ‘Hockey Mom.’ ‘Hockey Moms’ unite? Sarah, cool it with that. It’s getting kinda old.

9:11pm: Do we Americans not think that McCain is a great guy? Biden come with something else. I thought you were on the Obama ticket. Oh, cameraman, please stop panning from the top and back of Biden’s head. The front view is the better view. I’m sure Biden would agree.

9:13pm: Yeah, it is true that Obama voted to raise taxes on Americans 94 times. How else is the War on Terror going to be funded? That’s 10B a day!

9:14pm: Do we really care about what Sarah Palin did as mayor? What can she do as VP? That is the question.

9:18pm: $5000 health care credit through income taxes. What is five grand really going to do for middle and low income families? Emergency visits alone can cost $1500 or more. Not good enough, Palin.

9:21pm: Nice comeback Biden! Yeah, that McCain / Palin health care credit IS the ULTIMATE ‘bridge to nowhere.’ Funny!

9:29pm: Back on energy, Palin? OK. You are an energy maverick. Biden gave you that. Are you going to bang this over our heads along with the ‘soccer mom’ stuff too?

9:30pm: That’s a switch. All this ranting about taxes and tax breaks that Palin has been doing and NOW she wants to say it’s NOT about tax breaks and etc.? She’s the one doing the attacking! How else would we know that Obama voted for tax hikes for the average citizen and breaks for oil companies?

9:35pm: OK. Biden, you’re not a good liar. Looks like you said SOMETHING about ‘clean/dirty coal.’ It’s written all over your face.

9:36pm: Uh Oh! Same sex topic. Now I just know that the true colors of both parties is going to shine! lol!

9:40pm: Democrats and Republicans against redefining ‘marriage’ to include homosexuals. Big surprise! NOT! Biden is for ‘gay rights.’ I’m not sure where Palin and McCain stand on that issue. Palin’s answer was confusing.

10:13pm: Biden trying to explain why her voted for the War. Instead of explaining, ’cause it sounds like an excuse, just admit you were wrong and leave it at that. Finger-pointing looks like back-tracking to a lot of folks.

10:05pm: Divesting in the Sudan? YOU GO, GIRL! Palin looking pretty good there. You know we Black folk love that word: D-I-V-E-S-T-I-N-G!

10:07PM: Palin stumbles. Started responding in her own words, but ended up reciting some McCain and winning wars mumble jumble. I thought McCain was in the Vietnam Conflict. No one won that but the U.S.S.R.

10:16pm: We must be getting to the end of this debate because the catch phrases have begun. ‘Change’ used three times in one sentence by Biden.

10:17pm: OK. Biden just didn’t say that Dick Cheney is the most dangerous VP in U.S history on national tv? WOW!

10:18pm: How can you be tied into the heartland if you don’t read newspapers and periodicals about the heartland? Sarah, say “TIME” next time someone asks you what you read. Commit to something.

10:21pm: Biden breaks down. Emotional moment.

10:22pm: Catch phrase: ‘Maverick.’ Twice in one sentence. Four in three. Palin

10:23pm: Biden: “John McCain is not a maverick!.” Six times.

10:28pm: How do you lower taxes, Sarah, with a 10B a day war going on?

10:29pm: Palin, will you please stop criticizing the media? You sound like you’re whining.

11:02pm: Sit Down Haters! Gwen Ifill did a wonderful job!!

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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