The Truth About The $700B “Rescue” Bill! The Economic Fleecing of “Joe Six Pack!”

President Bush signed the $700B ‘bailout’ bill Friday into law. This law will provide the needed cushion to Wall Street big wigs when the big “boom” in the economy finally explodes. However, the “Joe Six Pack’s” of this country are unaware of the true dollars and cents that their great-grandchildren will have to pay when the Piper known as Uncle Sam comes ‘a callin’.

The House passed a $700B fictitious bill that is full of padding. How is it fictitious? The bill is not for $700B. The bill, which has now been signed into a law, is really a staggering $810. The extra $110B price tag comes from the so-called ‘pork spending’ that is attached to the law.

$192 million goes towards slashing import taxes on rum from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

$100 million goes to automobile speed track owners.

$3.3B is ear-marked for those who don’t pay state income taxes.

$10 million is directed to bike commuters.

$2 million goes to manufacturers of wooden arrows for children.

So, lets stop calling this a $700B ‘bailout.’ What it really is is a $3 trillion dollar ‘raping and fleecing’ of “Joe Six Pack.” Why $3 trillion dollars? Well, Americans have to figure in the War on Terror that is being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Coupled with the true price tag of this so-called ‘bailout’ of the now adjusted rate of $810B, the average American is going to be stuck with the price tag from the wars.

“Joe Six Pack” is going to find, within years to come, that the six pack of beer will cost considerably more than it does now. With this padding, “Joe Six Pack” may not be able to afford a bottle of beer!


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2 comments on “The Truth About The $700B “Rescue” Bill! The Economic Fleecing of “Joe Six Pack!”
  1. rjjrdq says:

    Those Dems, gotta’ love em…

  2. Are we the US citizen getting fleeced…In the bill this week there was money for wool research as well as kids arrows…. are we getting fleeced? How many other provisions in other bills get passed..without our being aware of them… I feel I am getting fleeced. I open the floor for comments… what am I missing… Do we go without medicines so the Rum Dealers get a tax break? What does a person do in these times.. .I have been asking members of what to do ..I am still looking for answers…Help me…I want to be able to be able to take care of the necessities.

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