The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion! The Best Out Of The Entire Series!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did you miss “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Show” Tuesday night? Well, lets just say that the reunion was better than the series! Okay. I admit that I was hooked on all of the back-stabbing, double-talking, spend freaks that are Kim, Sheree’, NeNe, Lisa and DeShawn. Some say the show was fake and heavily scripted. That is certainly possible. But I do believe that about 75% of “The Real Atlanta Housewives” was real.

I mean, really. Who can fake the fiasco that was Sheree’s birthday party and fashion show? Remember NeNe’s facial expression upon learning that even though Sheree had personally invited her to the birthday party, somehow NeNe had been left off the guest list and was turned away at the door by security? Who could possibly fake that moment? LOL! Well, the Reunion was everything that I anticipated plus more!

The one burning question that I wanted answered was who spilled the beans about NeNe’s drunken, hilarious song about Kim? Which one of the “Housewives” couldn’t wait to spread some hot juicy malicious gossip? In the limo during NeNe’s funny song about non-singing wanna be sensation Kim, were Lisa and Ed Hartwell, DeShawn and Eric Snow, and NeNe’s better half Greg. Which one ran directly to Sheree’?

Answer: Lisa! Yeah, that was why Lisa was playing the role of peace-keeper every chance she got! She was responsible for the atomic bomb that blew up NeNe and Kim’s friendship. Not to say that the relationship wasn’t on the way down the tubes in the first place! Lisa just pushed ir further along. At the Reunion, Lisa tried to act like Kim was lying about the role she played in the soap opera ‘she say she say’ by deflecting and calling Kim a habitual liar and back-stabber. Well, it appears that Lisa is capable of doing a little back-stabbing herself. Hmmm.

Speaking of Kim…what is that woman on? First she said that the reason that she wears wigs and weaves is because she had cancer and all of her hair fell out. Then in the next breath she claimed that she didn’t have cancer after all; doctors said she had an undisclosed illness. But apparently Kim is fine now and wears a weave…still. I’m a sista, I have worn a weave, piece or wig many a time. Why was Kim’s hair a source of discussion anyway when NeNe, Sheree’ and DeShawn were wearing hundreds of dollars of weave on their heads? It was a ridiculous discussion, but the liar that NeNe and Lisa accused Kim of being was verified.

What was up with DeShawn? All she did was sit on the couch looking like she didn’t want to be there or involved. I suppose she really wanted to be off somewhere shopping for jewelry or something. I am thoroughly surprised that DeShawn was let off the hook for her shenanigans! Can anyone forget her introductory statement at the beginning of the show every week? “I always knew that I was destined for greatness?” Or how about what DeShawn said when she entered her new home? “I always knew I was going to be somebody.’ DeShawn Snow obviously has self-esteem issues she hasn’t dealt with. How can having lots of money turn you into a ‘somebody’? I’m not the wife of an athlete with mega bucks and a 15,000 sq. ft mansion. Does that make me a nobody? That fundraiser was a bust because the one thing that DeShawn Snow had forgotten from her time of growing up a nobody in Detroit, is to be about the paper! The purpose of a fundraiser is to raise FUNDS. You do not open your million dollar mansion to the public for FREE and expect to stack major Benjamens! Most of the folks that came to DeShawn’s fundraiser were broke Joe’s, nosy neighbors and sistas on the prowl for a comeup! When you forget and belittle your roots, unfortunately you miss out on the meaning of the incrediable life lessons you were taught. Now that Eric Snow has retired from the NBA and is doing his thing as a sports commentator, that guaranteed money that DeShawn was bragging about to Lisa, is no longer a fact of life. I guess she and Lisa can now relate. Budget Time!

The icing on the cake was Dwight, ya’ll!! Dwight, billed as NeNe’s ‘Gay Boyfriend’, was just his delightfully intuitive self. Always fashionable and decked in the best couture, Dwight was deemed the ‘sixth Housewife’. Of course, the ever wise Dwight told the five ladies that all of the bickering and hating was simply not classy and that they are better than that. Love the extensions Dwight!!

All in all, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was a pretty cool experience. Rocky at times and a hoot at others, the sistas of Atlanta “Housewives” should be proud to be a part of the Bravo franchise. I hear that a second season is planned and Kim’s ‘Big Poppa’ will be making an appearance. Yeah…Right! Oh! Can’t wait for that cd to drop, Kim! LOL! With your non-singing self! I bet Dallas Austin didn’t dare think about producing a single track for Kim! Do you all remember Dallas’ expression when he heard Kim sing for the first time? LOL! Priceless!

Oh, and SHE by Sheree’ is supposed to be on the runway Fall ’09. Hope that Sheree’ learned her lesson! Hiring a lazy seamstress that had zero sewing skills. The trash that person produced! Why didn’t Sheree have the good sense to check what her seamstress was up to? You know, go over to the seamstress’ home or business and inspect the work. It was HER dream! Why would a self-proclaimed fashionista leave her vision to chance? What a laugh! And by the way Sheree’, TRUE iconic designers DO sketch their designs! Some even know HOW to sew! Saying on the Reunion show that designers don’t sketch their work is false. Do your homework! Now, celebrities who turn to the fashion world to expand their wallets may not. Kimora and Russell have a team of designers to come up with sketches and designs. Yet, Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace and others were true artists and visionaries, able to take a mental picture and transfer it to paper. Then develop a visual in the form of a sample.

That little lost fashion venture cost about $100,000! Sheree’ could have used some of that wasted money enrolling herself into a fashion institute! That would have saved her or should I say, her soon to be ex-husband some loot. How much you wanna bet that that nice handsome chunk of blowed change will figure prominently in their divorce battle?


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