BREAKING NEWS! OJ Simpson To More Than Likely Spend The Rest Of His LIfe In Prison!

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson

In a Nevada courtroom Friday Afternoon, OJ Simpson was sentenced to sixteen to twenty years in a state prison. His co-defendant, Clarence Stewart, was given the same sentence. Both could see a parole board in six to seven and a half years.

OJ Simpson tried to play down his role in the September, 2007 incident saying that “I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. I didn’t want to steal anything from anybody. I just wanted my stuff. I wasn’t there to hurt any of these guys…I thought that I was confronting friends to retreive my items. I was stupid.”

Even though Judge Jackie Glass made clear that her sentencing had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome of the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murder trial thirteen years ago, the Goldman family were present in the courtroom and in a press conference held immediately held after the sentencing, Kim Goldman stated that it was their efforts that made Simpson desperate enough to commit burglary.

Judge Glass said that Clarence Stewart was apparently “caught up” in the September, 2007 medley; yet Stewart received the same sentence as Simpson.

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One comment on “BREAKING NEWS! OJ Simpson To More Than Likely Spend The Rest Of His LIfe In Prison!
  1. lifeisacookie says:

    9, 15, 16, 18, 33 … which is it?

    Didn’t anyone pay attention to the details??

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