Saaay Whaaat? Detroit Church Prays For Big Three With Auto Products On Stage! God’s Word Becomes A Hustle! Shame!

Bishop Charles Ellis Prays Over Big Three

Bishop Charles Ellis Prays Over Big Three

As automotive employees and executives wait anxiously for the White House and Congress to pass an emergency bill that will reportedly save GM, Ford and Chrysler from a total collapse, Bishop Charles Ellis of Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple has taken a giant step in lending his brand of ministerial support to his parishioners.

In a move of sheer ridiculous proportions, that has some thinking that Ellis has gone entirely off in left field, the supportive cleric held what could be called a religious rally Sunday that culminated in a prayer over several SUV’s driven unto the church stage.
“We have never seen as midnight an hour as we face this week…  this week, lives are hanging above an abyss of uncertainty as both houses of Congress decide whether to extend a helping hand,” Ellis told his congregation.

But the question has to be asked: Are today’s ministers using the pulpit to pimp their own interests? Has God’s Word become a hustle with an enormous financial payoff?

Supporting the Greater Grace congregational members through this nail-biter of a situation is what Bishop Ellis’ job entails. It is true that the future of Detroit and its’ citizens hangs in the balance. No doubt about it. But a blatant display of over the top ridiculousness in the name of God shrouded as so-called ‘support’ does not make a bad situation doable. What Bishop Ellis accomplished was once again shining a gigantic negative spotlight on the city of Detroit.

This stunt wasn’t seen on the national news channels and wires as an act of support for the Big Three. It was looked upon as an act of buffoonery and another flamboyant African American man of the cloth with questionable judgement. Can you say Jeremiah Wright? Has Greater Grace Temple seen such a dramatic drop in tithes that it has to resort to Hollywood-like circus tricks?

Bishop Charles Ellis should be ashamed of his behavior and apparent fleecing of his congregation. It is obvious that his ministry is nothing more than a hustle. If it is something more, why would several SUV’s hold center court alongside the religious symbol of the Holy Cross? Does Bishop Ellis believe that Jesus Christ approved of the Sunday performance that upstaged the ‘worship’ of Him? How does Bishop Ellis reconcile the mere mixing of the secular with the spiritual? Didn’t Christ say that if we “seek thine Kingdom first, all other things will be added to you?”

Maybe Bishop Ellis never read that portion of his Bible. Supporting your parishioners and the city of Detroit through a difficult time is one thing, Bishop Ellis. Turning the Word of God into a shady, embarrassing financial hustle, is an entirely different matter. But I shouldn’t be surprised…Bishop Ellis’ wife is one of the top Mary Kay National Directors in the country. How?

The majority of Greater Grace’s congregation were recruited by and  sell Mary Kay Cosmetics for Greater Grace’s First Lady.


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