Bush To Obama: Sugar Coat And Stretch The Truth

Larry King & The Bushes

Larry King & The Bushes

Out-going President George W. Bush has been making farewell media rounds this week in an obvious attempt to salvage his eight year Presidential legacy for posterity. What good that’s going to do, only time will tell.

However, it worked for Reagan.
Tuesday on “The Larry King Show,” lame duck President and First Lady Laura Bush discussed various issues surrounding the Bush II administration. Bush then decided to offer his two cents on the manner in which President-Elect Barack Obama has addressed the American public concerning the economic climate: 
“He’ll learn not to become an economic forecaster once he gets to be president,” Bush said, agreeing that 2009 will likely be a hard year.

“That’s not a good idea to say?” King asked the outgoing president.

“I don’t think so. I think he can say it’s going to be a tough period but to predict what the economy is going to do … it is going to be bad, but how bad, how long?” Bush responded.

“What he ought to be saying, and I know he feels this way, is he’s going to take the steps he thinks are necessary to get us back on the road to recovery and we will recover.”

Okay. Isn’t this the very exact way the Bush administration has handled everything since 9/11:

1. Ignore the truth.

2. Sugar coat the truth.

3. Make light of the truth.

4. Hide the truth.

5. Deny the truth.

Yep. America can only hope that Obama turns a deaf ear to that advice! It is kinda refreshing to hear the truth. Especially since we’ve been handed a boat-load of lies covered by a “mission accomplished” sign for eight years.

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