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President Obama: “Nobody Messes With Joe!”

When President Barack Obama jokingly added Tuesday, after announcing that he was appointing Vice President Joe Biden in a key role of over sight regarding the management of the Recovery Plan, that the reason for doing so is because “nobody

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President Barack Obama To Nation: “We Will Rebuild. We Will Recover, And The United States Will Emerge Stronger Than Before!”

Last night, President Barack Obama delivered a strong and optimistic message to the entire governmental body and the nation in his first Presidential address. A speech that hit on the major components of the newly passed Recovery Law, critics say that President

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When Media Hides Behind A Hidden Agenda: How Media Manipulation Can Produce Undesirable Results

The insanity of the cartoon satarizing the assassination of President Barack Obama featured in The New York Post mid week has yet to illicit the type of headlines it so deserves.  On CNN late Friday, a farce of a discussion

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Can You Believe The New York Post Got Away With Murder?

It is surprising that the media and overall national outrage over this shocking New York Post cartoon isn’t above a whisper. Explain how it is that the President Of The United States can be so viciously caricatured and there not

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