Can You Believe The New York Post Got Away With Murder?

chimp3It is surprising that the media and overall national outrage over this shocking New York Post cartoon isn’t above a whisper. Explain how it is that the President Of The United States can be so viciously caricatured and there not be an all out and out media blitz regarding it?

Explain. Please, anyone, how  an assassination plot against President Barack Obama can be so callously and shamelessly etched between the pages of major newspaper and a full-blown media instigation not develop? Is that not what it truly is, after all? Friday afternoon, a rally and march on The New York Post occurred and wouldn’t you know it? This form of social protest that is essential to maintaining the basic freedoms outlined in the United States Constitution, that we as Americans enjoy and for the most point, take for granted, went unnoticed by CNN, MSNBC, FOX and every other major news outlet that considers itself a source for the layman to get his / her news.

Ignored. The only feed that was to be had was found on The Michael Baisden Show, an urban radio show hosted by the increasingly  influential and charismatic Michael Baisden. It is ironic that a story of this magnitude was trumped for the press coverage of leaked photos of a beaten and battered young woman. However, while that particular topic is regretful at best, and a conversation starter or stopper depending on whose side one falls, it fails in comparison to the insult and obvious vicious attempt to slander  President Barack Obama in the most insidious way possible.

How in the world is it that media has remained virtually tongue-tied over this ignorance? Not that long ago, the media was gung slam ho over anyone that DARED speak against the President. If someone, let’s say a senator or congressman, or your neighbor, spoke out against the war in Iraq, were they not tarred and feathered in the town square? CNN, MSNBC, and FOX were drunk on patriotism so much so that they misled the entire country about Iraq and refused to stand up  against the Bush Administration concerning the forced and fierce black out of  necessary media coverage. Eight years of lies and half truths. Eight years of white-washed news coverage.  Any apologies from CNN, MSNBC or FOX? Nope.

For those who would like to say that they can’t see anything wrong with that offensive cartoon, I say you lack the intelligence and presence of mind to discern how that pic was a deviously masterful attempt to implant in the hearts and minds of those who harbor racial hatred against African Americans in this country a visual road map to carry out vicious and felonious acts of violence.

The New York Post’s refusal to retract or apologize for printing such a powder keg, just gives those with simple minds and hateful tendencies a pat on the back! The Post has gotten into bed with the KKK, the Nazis, Skin Heads and all those other extremist groups that draw their lifeblood from feeding on the hate that the media continuously spew  on a regular basis.

Here’s something for those who have more than ounce of intelligence: Did you know that chimpanzees are the most intelligent out of the primate species?

Think about that one and see where your mind takes you.

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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One comment on “Can You Believe The New York Post Got Away With Murder?
  1. horiwood says:

    Hi Tracey Ricks Foster – what a great rant response. I heart it bigtime.

    nice one 🙂

    thank you

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