When Media Hides Behind A Hidden Agenda: How Media Manipulation Can Produce Undesirable Results


The insanity of the cartoon satarizing the assassination of President Barack Obama featured in The New York Post mid week has yet to illicit the type of headlines it so deserves.  On CNN late Friday, a farce of a discussion was debated half-heartedly by three male political commentators: two Caucasian and one African American. The conversation was ridiculous and lukewarm at best and unsurprisingly the only African American on the panel was oreo in texture, weak in tone and void of true substance. This particular commentator once peppered the Bush cabinet. That figures.

The New York Post should be held responsible for nurturing a counter-productive environment that thrives on ignorance and racial bias. The “apology” that the editorial staff of The New York Post offered wasn’t really an apology at all. It was another attempt to blow a smoke screen over the truth. The truth is that this particular newspaper, that happens to be minority owned, practices a wicked brand of propaganda that breeds a complex set of circumstances with tragic results.

Throughout America’s history, the media has been used to sell all kinds of misleading garbage to further one group’s agenda over another. Usually, these are collective groups with a singular identity, coupled with a never ending supply of money, investments and political clout. That is how groups as these succeed. However, the power that they wield can lead to devastating results. Case in point, Nazi Germany.

When Adolpf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in the early 1930’s, his agenda became crystal clear. Through the formation of the Third Reich, and in turn the creation of the SS, Hitler was able to wrestle control of the media,  and in essence, control the thoughts of a nation. Through his horrendous propaganda machine, Hitler was able to thoroughly emasculate those he deemed undesirable and unfit. This systematic programing and wiring of a nation was spoon fed daily through the government owned newspapers. Soon, an entire country was desensitized. When that was accomplished, the out and out slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent human beings commenced. An entire nation was seduced by the cunning propaganda of one prominent group of people who chose to exterminate those it labeled unworthy to live.

How did this happen? Through the media, courtesy of the local newspaper.

How about the assassination of Malcolm X? This is an excellent study in using a media platform to further or carry out an expressed agenda. Upon being subsequently forced out of the Nation of Islam in late 1963 due to a jealous, power hungry and ego-tripping unstable religious hierarchy, Malcolm X experienced media harassment. This intense media harassment came from two ends of the spectrum. Secular and religious.

Muhammad Speaks was a prominent community newspaper that Malcolm created to showcase the activities of the Nation of Islam, spread the message of Islam, as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and advertise local Muslim businesses. With Malcolm at the helm, the newspaper had validity. After Malcolm’s departure, the editors of Muhammad Speaks decided to declare a jihad on him.

In the name of Allah, faithful readers were systematically fed lies about Malcolm that bred an intense hatred. The tone of Muhammad Speaks became volatile by the usage of key words that meant a great deal to Nation of Islam followers. Words such as “traitor”, “Devil,” hypocrite,” “loyalty,” and “betray.” The language in Muhammad Speaks and the sheer magnitude of hate propaganda helped to fuel the electric atmosphere that crackled around Malcolm X and disgruntled Nation of Islam members.

Satiric cartoons, as the one displayed above, succeeded in assisting in the psychological execution of Malcolm X. All that was needed was some sick and demented person or persons to ‘righteously’ defend the honor of Elijah Muhammad in the name of God. Hence the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965. Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has since admitted that his role as editor of Muhammad Speaks, fueled the hatred that led to Malcolm’s death.

So, what does this mean? It means that with the lack of public outcry over such a blatant attack on not just President Barack Obama, but African American men in general, and African Americans as a collective, the scene has been set for ignorant people to continue to wallow in the depths of hatred and degradation of human beings that they have marked as moving targets. Traditionally, these type of individuals dwell in secrecy and in a cloak of darkness. With the continued support of media representation like The New York Post, those with the same diabolical agenda will soon venture further into the mainstream. Many are already visible.

The desensitizing of America has been underway for decades now. Hundreds of years in the making. With a violent past as a nation that enslaved human beings, and a violent present that has seen America launch a preemptive strike  against a defenseless country based on falsified documents, it is no wonder why The New York Post was able to get away with an “apology,” that in fact sounds more like a justification.

This is a symptom of a problem that Americans do not want to address now, especially with the historic election of America’s first African American president. There are some who believe that racial intolerance died on January 20, 2009 at 12 noon.

Obviously, this is not the case.

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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4 comments on “When Media Hides Behind A Hidden Agenda: How Media Manipulation Can Produce Undesirable Results
  1. Min. Malcolm did not start the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, yes he was instrumental in in it’s growth and development. Question after Minister Malcolm X was no longer in the Nation Of Islam what did He do that left a profound legacy for Black People and this country? Also were you working or supporting Him when he left his base?

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:


      According to sources who were inside the Nation of Islam at the time, and Malcolm himself, Muhammad Speaks was indeed the intellectual property of Malcolm. Now, in New York, there was a paper already out entitled Mr. Muhammad Speaks, which Malcolm had some influence over. However, this version of the paper was only in New York. Malcolm’s idea was to establish a newspaper that would expand the message of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Hence, the creation of Muhammad Speaks (1961). Of course, Malcolm did absolutely nothing without the consent of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he never took personal credit for the paper.

      Malcolm’s life in its’ entirety left a profound legacy to Black America. Malcolm showed that there can be redemption. There can be rehabilitation. Malcolm left a world of crime and violence, prison and drugs, changed his entire outlook on life and improved for the better. He is a stellar example to other Black men that there is life after prison. As you well know, Malcolm was a self-taught man. Though very intelligent, the racist school system in which he was a part of squashed his dreams, which led to his dropping out of school. But that was not the end, was it? Malcolm taught himself and eventually lectured at colleges and universities. He held his own among world dignitaries and scholars. Malcolm traveled the world during the last 20 months of his life trying to unite Black people and help them realize that we need each other.

      Malcolm also stood up for what he believed despite the cost. Which was pretty steep. Right or wrong, you have to respect a man who is willing to evolve and develop beyond that which he has originally known. It is unfortunate that he was murdered, due to an act of domestic terrorism, that was birthed through an extremist ideology that has no merit in the Koran. However, his death ignited the Black Power Movement and inspired a whole generation!

      Now that, I have to say, is profound!

      • mrleexslave says:

        You have some well written words,which I admire. however Malcolm has not left a lasting legacy that the youth of today can use as a Guiding Light. I have nothing but LOVE for Min. Malcolm, he should have handled his dispute with his Leader Teacher and guide better.

        Sir if a young man of today were to start off on the same path of Malcolm he would be labeled a felon for life. You are no one else would touch him with a ten foot pole. Yet there is a man Min. Louis Farrakhan who has never broken the law never been to prison. A man who has helped people like Malcolm and inspired one to run and win a congressional seat. Too me sir this is profound

        Why in this country the only time a Blackman who is controversial, is only revered is after He is dead?

  2. Len Vorwerk says:

    Excellent! If I could write like this I would be well chuffed. The more I read articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there could be a future for the Net. Keep it up, as it were.

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