President Barack Obama To Nation: “We Will Rebuild. We Will Recover, And The United States Will Emerge Stronger Than Before!”


Last night, President Barack Obama delivered a strong and optimistic message to the entire governmental body and the nation in his first Presidential address. A speech that hit on the major components of the newly passed Recovery Law, critics say that President Obama’s tone was more hopeful regarding the economic crisis the United States faces.

Yet, President Obama did not lose his edge. Refusing to waver on tough, honest language, something that we Americans are not used to from our leaders, President Obama was able to map out a strategy that he proposes will lift America out of the recession.

Here are some of the highlights from that address:

“But while our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken, though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight i want every American to know this, we will rebuild, we will recover, and The United States will emerge stronger than before!”

“Over the next two years, the plan (The Recovery Law) will save or create 3.5 million jobs…”

“(The Recovery Law) will help families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments and refinance their mortgages.”

“It’s not about helping banks-its about helping people. It’s not about helping banks. It’s about helping people.”

“My budget does not attempt to solve every problem or address every issue. It reflects the stark reality of what we’ve inherited-a trillion dollar deficit-a financial crisis, and a costly recession.”

“Everyone recognizes that years of bad decision making and a global recession have pushed our auto makers to the brink. We should not, and will not, protect them from their own bad practices. But we are committed to the goal of a retooled, re-imagined auto industry that can compete and win. Millions of jobs depend on it. Scores of communities depend on it. And I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.”

(Note: Germany invented the automobile. The very first car was a Benz. However, Henry Ford conceived of a plan to make cars affordable for everyone and created a process of manufacturing them at a rapt and orderly rate.)

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One comment on “President Barack Obama To Nation: “We Will Rebuild. We Will Recover, And The United States Will Emerge Stronger Than Before!”
  1. Very good writing. I am glad your posting that. I hope you can accept my apology for my less good English Skills, I am from France and English is sort of new to me. I will bookmark your blog and keep reading.

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