President Obama: “Nobody Messes With Joe!”


When President Barack Obama jokingly added Tuesday, after announcing that he was appointing Vice President Joe Biden in a key role of over sight regarding the management of the Recovery Plan, that the reason for doing so is because “nobody messes with Joe!,” every one laughed.

Including Vice President Biden.

But Biden wasn’t laughing this morning .

On Wednesday’s "Good Morning America," Vice President Biden made sure the GOP got the message. To those GOP governors who have blustered in the last week about how "irresponsible,"  fiscally shaky and potentially detrimental the Recovery Plan is to their states, Biden announced that the Obama administration would make provisions to take back unused stimulus money from governors who refuse the funds for their respective states.

However, for all those GOP governors who refuse the stimulus money, there’s a potentially political suicide clause attached.

Vice President Biden strongly suggested that he would use every major component of the media machine to embarrass and humiliate these GOP governors for not"doing what they’re supposed to do." If the Recovery Plan does exactly what it was crafted to do, and lifts America out of the depths of one of the worst financial catastrophes in U.S. history, the GOP governors who refused to disburse the money to their respective states, and in essence, refused to play nicely with the Obama administration, will discover that come re-election, it might just be a wrap.

For those like Republican Gov. Jindal, who can practically taste the presidential campaign trail for 2012 on his lips right now, perhaps a second or third look at this picture is warranted.

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