Racist Mayor Exposes Himself!! Watermelon Gate!!

watermelon-emailWell, it seems as if every one got jokes. Racist jokes, that is. Remember that chimp cartoon that outlined the assassination of President Barack Obama in the New York Post almost two weeks ago?

Sure you do.

Mayor  Dean Grose probably got a huge kick out of that, you think? Why should we make such an assumption? Simply because the good mayor of Los Alamitos, CA, thought that he could do one better with the shown email pic on this page that stated underneath, “No Easter Egg hunt this year!”

Yep.  Mayor Grose thought that email was so hilarious! So funny that he forwarded it to a select group of people he thought would be down with that kind of  humor. Unfortunately for him, Grose underestimated one of those contacts because that person exposed his racist behind by ripping that sheet off of him publicly!

The mayor has seen the error of his ways by announcing his resignation and issued this apology:

“The attention brought to this matter has sadly created an image of me which is most unfortunate. I recognize that I’ve made a mistake and have taken steps to make sure this is never repeated.”

Now what those steps exactly are is anyone’s wildest guess. Is there a rehab center for racists? A twelve step program? Perhaps a pill? A KKK hood buy back program? Maybe Dean Grose and Rupert Murdock, along with that New York Post cartoonist should spend some major time at a few HBCU’s and learn why African Americans historically detest racial stereotypes!

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2 comments on “Racist Mayor Exposes Himself!! Watermelon Gate!!
  1. rjjrdq says:

    There was no racist chimp cartoon. The Post cartoon you’re referencing was lampooning congress. Are you having trouble finding racial incidents?

  2. Tracey Ricks Foster says:

    But Congress has not received the heat of this Stimulus Plan…Obama has. That is what makes the chimp cartoon suspect. Besides, when will that fine cartoonist step out of the shadows and tell America what he MEANT by that cartoon? Until that happens, I as well as the rest of Black America, will take offense to a stereotype that has been used in connection with us sense we were kidnapped off the Gold Coast and brought to America to toil for the interests of corporate colonial greed.

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