To Michael Steele: Man Up And Lead Your Party!

RNC Chairman Michael Steele

RNC Chairman Michael Steele

Late Monday, GOP leader Michael Steele greatly weakened the  perception of him as the leader of the Republican Party. In fact, it can be rightly noted that Steele may not be the leader of the Republican Party after all. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh has just snatched that title from Michael Steele.

How? Apparently, Steele is not running things over at headquarters. After Rush Limbaugh’s rebel-rousing speech at CPAC Saturday, where he announced boldly and proudly that he wanted the Obama administration to fail in its’ proposed policies, many political pundits crowned Limbaugh the leader of the GOP. However, on “D.L. Hughley Breaks The News,” Steele emphatically insisted that he was indeed the RNC’s chosen one and that Rush Limbaugh is a “de facto” leader of the GOP.

“Rush Limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment,” Steele told Hughley, “yes, it’s incendiary. Yes. It’s ugly.” Well, that was great! Michael Steele stood up and staked his claim to what was given him. Steele flexed his power and revealed that he was no ones puppet, hence he didn’t need Limbaugh’s inflammatory remarks to stir up the base.

Monday, Rush Limbaugh declared war on Michael Steele and ripped him to shreds. How did the RNC chairman respond? He apologized to Limbaugh! Excuse me, Mr. Steele. But are you the “de facto” leader of the Republican Party?

“To the extent that my remarks helped the Democrats in Washington to take the focus, even for one minute, off of their irresponsible expansion of government, I truly apologize,” Steele said. What is going on? Doesn’t Michael Steele realize that by apologizing to a man that is not even remotely an elected official, he has, in effect,  given his power away? How does Steele plan to pull his party together, battle the Democrats, and come up with some type of political strategy that will aid in regaining the trust of the American people, if he can’t stick to his guns and say what needs to be said?

“I respect Rush Limbaugh,” the Steele apology concludes, “and in no way do I want to diminish his voice.” Are you kidding me? Rush Limbaugh just re-upped and copped a $100 mill to continue his conservative blab fest! Who can “diminish” that? Sounds like a load of crap that apology. It also reeks of puppetry! Michael Steele was selected by the GOP for what reason? To attract African Americans and other minorities? To make the Republican Party look “progressive” like McCain did when he made the unfortunate decision to select Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate?

Or maybe Michael Steele was chose to head up the RNC simply because there wasn’t a better option. Whatever the case, Steele is in that position and it is high time that he start to make the hard choices that he has to make instead of bending over for every Tom, Dick and Rush Limbaugh! Limbaugh did not deserve an apology for what Michael Steele said. It was within Limbaugh’s First Amendment Rights to speak as freely as he wanted.

And it is well within RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s rights to refute Limbaugh’s assertions and look out for the best interests of of the Republican Party. But if Steele was up for the task, it is apparent that someone either took the wind out of his sails…or took the wind out of his sails, forced him to take the red pill and hipped him to the real deal of the political matrix.

Either way, Michael Steele is screwed.

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One comment on “To Michael Steele: Man Up And Lead Your Party!
  1. Greg says:

    The controversy about Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh (who I don’t really particularly listen to anymore) is more than about Rush. When the liberal talk show host said that CPAC looked like a bunch of Nazis Michael Steele nodded in agreement.

    Some said his nodding wasn’t in agreement with that statement but still at the very least he was quiet and did not speak out against that outrageous statement.

    This is more than about Rush the person. This was about the speech he gave and if you listened to the speech and agree with it then it is not only Rush but you, and all other grassroots conservatives that Michael Steele has rebuked in the harshest of terms.

    Well, if that is the way the “leader” of the GOP feels about me then I say no, no, no, not God Bless the GOP, GOD DAMN the GOP. It isn’t the party I thought I knew!

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