Wanted: Experienced Aviation Pilots And Boaters To Assist In Search And Rescue Effort For Two Missing NFL Players And Friend!

Corey Smith

Corey Smith

In a press conference given minutes ago, United States Coast Guard officials announced that the search for three missing boaters has been called off. NFL players Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper and one other person have been missing since their boat over-turned in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Clearwater, Florida, Saturday.

Nick Schuyler, a former football player for USF, was part of the fishing crew and rescued Monday afternoon, clinging to the over-turned boat. Schuyler told Coast Guard officials that a large wave hit the boat, causing it to topple. Schuyler is in stable condition at Tampa General, recovering from hypothermia and dehydration.

With the U.S. Coast Guard suspending the search for the missing men, former NFL linebaker and close friend of Marquis Cooper, Tank Johnson, sent a call out to all experienced aviation pilots and boaters, requesting their assistance in a search and rescue effort to start at 6am Wednesday.

To join the search and rescue squad, please send an email with qualifications in aviation and boating to:


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2 comments on “Wanted: Experienced Aviation Pilots And Boaters To Assist In Search And Rescue Effort For Two Missing NFL Players And Friend!
  1. Brian O'Neil says:

    Yesterday Morning I went to all beach accesses and looked from shore from mad beach to clw bch sunrise to sunset I think with drift and swiming should be around the bradenton bch pass to st.pete bch around
    3 to 5 miles out now! I have lived here all my 46yrs on these waters.they swim the english channel that is 35 miles 52 degree temp 12-18 hrs so they will be hurting but with a strong will alive.
    God Bless
    I am available for extra eyes but do not have a boat flying is out fear of hieghts

  2. Brian O'Neil says:

    with no moon they would see the light polution even that far offshore so they swam in past the 15 miles the life vest and cooler were found they are close

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