Beyonce: Michelle Obama Says I’m A Role Model For Her Daughters! Oh, Really?


Reports from various media outlets are reporting a strange and highly suspect quote given by Beyonce Knowles to a British publication concerning a conversation that allegedly took place between herself and First Lady Michelle Obama.

The suspect quote comes from a conversation about Beyonce’s ‘role model’ status in the Obama girls’ lives. Check this quote out folks:

“She {Michelle Obama}told me that she was very happy that her children had an artist like myself and — I don’t even feel right saying this – she said she was happy they had me to look up to.”

Now, what is really suspect and creepy about this statement is that out of all the women that First Lady Michelle Obama could have selected as a role model for her daughters, she chose Beyonce? How in the world can that be? If we are to half-way believe Beyonce, is it possible that Michelle Obama was humoring her? You know, trying to be nice? It has to be that because it is very hard to believe that an Ivy League graduate such as Michelle Obama would be hard-pressed in finding suitable role models for her growing daughters.

This is not a Beyonce bashing commentary. But this is an interesting study in what and who are role models for African American girls. Beyonce is quite beautiful and talented. She is a decent entertainer. But is she a role model? In conflicting interviews over the years, it can be rightly assumed that Ms. Knowles does not have a high school diploma or a GED. If this is not true, Beyonce fans, I stand corrected. Some interviews she say she was homeschooled and never attended high school. In other interviews, she says she attended high school. However, with a career that has grown in leaps and bounds since the late 1990’s, it is understandable that Beyonce wouldn’t have had the time for a formal education.

Has Beyonce sought secondary education? Like a college or university education? No. Yet, some can say that she doesn’t need one. Perhaps. But what about young African American women coming up who won’t see the superstardom or money that Beyonce does? As a role model, does Beyonce exemplify and re-enforce this fundamental ideology that is essential to uplifting young African American girls out of poverty and single motherhood?

If we are to believe this quote, then it would definitely dim the historical and philosophical sense of accomplishment that African Americans and people of color all over the world experienced the moment President Obama accepted the oath of office. Why? Simply because it is highly unlikely that President Barack Obama became the man that he did by using Fred Williamson, Dolemite, Iceberg Slim, Jim Brown, Richard Roundtree and Ron O’Neal as role models. Not that some these weren’t fine specimen of sexy, talented African American men. Not that each didn’t contribute in some way to the African American canvas. Just that it is unlikely.

Same with First Lady Michelle Obama. It is hard to even swallow that Beyonce would be on a list of African American women that she would hold as a role model for her girls. It is plausible that the First Lady has come in contact with some pretty educated and successful African American women. Oprah. Maya Angelou. The sista that read a poem at the inauguration. How about widening the net to include educated and successful women period. What a pool to draw from!

Honestly speaking, are we to believe that the President and First Lady foresee in their precious daughters future  a career dancing in front of millions of people, barely clothed, dressed provocatively, sexually gyrating for salivating hot, horny men (and Lesbians)? Especially if they are not ballerinas? Sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it?

That is why that quote is suspect. It doesn’t make sense that the Obamas wouldn’t hold their daughters to the same high standards and principles that propelled them beyond their wildest dreams! It is safe to bet that Barack Obama does not want see his daughters on MTV or BET shaking it and saying “if you like it, put a ring on it!” To be completely blunt, I think that President Barack Obama will have that conversation personally with any gentleman caller coming to court his girls. Not the other way around.

In conclusion, why in the world would Michelle Obama call Beyonce a role model in the first place for her daughters when the real, hard core role model is the very one that birthed them? So, either Beyonce is embellishing or somebody in the UK should get their quotes right because there is no way that we are going to believe that the Obamas have ear-marked her as a bonified role model for their daughters!

Thank You, Media Take Out!

Lover, Fighter, Friend, Journalist, and Activist.

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11 comments on “Beyonce: Michelle Obama Says I’m A Role Model For Her Daughters! Oh, Really?
  1. More or Less says:

    For many, her work ethic alone makes her a rold model. The woman wanted something, sacrificed and worked hard to achieve it. She is a performer…like Tina Turner, Diana Ross, etc she gets on the stage to perform…no different then an actor. But off the stage, she embodies class; respectful, refined, and well-rounded.

    My thoughts, you’re taking her compliment to the pop star to another level. I think it would be obvious, based on the achievements alone, that the President and The First Lady have and will continue to direct their children to be upstanding people.

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      Thank you for your comment. I understand fully where you are coming from. However, where you and I differ is the simple, yet complicated manner in which we as a culture, elevate entertainers to role model status based on how well they sing, play basketball, rap, or act. Then when these have very “human” moments, we publicly tar, feather and roast them alive! Chris Brown, Michael Vick, Michael Phelps, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and I can go on. I’m not saying that I have anything against Beyonce because I don’t.

      What I am trying to do is open up a dialogue between African American women and their daughters. I am raising two girls myself and I am teaching them that entertainers are just that…entertainers. The true role models in their world are the women I surround them with who are teachers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, journalists, artists, professors and every day working women. These are women that my daughters can realistically aspire to be like. True role models. And these women have a healthy work ethic, they have class, are respectful, refined, educated and well-rounded.

      I think that it is about time we as a collective begin to intellectually process the world on multiple levels. Only then can we bring another Barack Obama to the White House…or an African American woman.

      • Elvia Olivarria says:

        I agree with Tracey Ricks Foster.

      • Kimberly Fierce says:

        The truth of the matter is , Michelle Obama stated that Beyonce is a role model for girls and all women. She made this statement on the Billboard awards ceremony. Its on you tube if you don’t believe me. Yes I was shocked as well. Entertainer, yes! Role model for girls, not my daughters, and cetainly i do not see the Obama girls going to the school of Beyonce to learn how to shake a tail feather in front of the world! I don’t think Ms Obama thought about that statement. With all due respect, It is the first staement I have ever heard her say that I was utterly shocked about. I think Michelle Obama is a fabulous role mode for women and girls.

  2. shake my head says:

    No, Beyonce is not anyone’s role model. Great entertainer but no, and I mean “no” role model!

    My husband just asked, who’s role is she modeling??? LOL!

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  4. When it comes to African-American boys and girls, we do have a hard time managing their role models. I use the word “managing” because this situation presents a conundrum: An entire platoon of Black role models exist, but too often they are not the kinds of role models concerned individuals want for black youth. The influence of Black culture is so far reaching, and yet we have so little control of it.

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  6. cpap says:

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  7. […] I came across Tracy Rick Foster’s article, in which she describes that Beyoncé is rumored to have said that Michelle Obama indicated that […]

  8. Lol. Pitiful. That ditz couldn’t think of another individual to choose for her daughter? I stopped trying to figure it out long ago. Another world

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