Michael Jackson: Bump My Brothers, I Will Tour Alone! This Is It!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Friday self-proclaimed “King of Pop” Michael Jackson announced in London that he was on the comeback trail. Sort of.

Jackson has commited to ten concert dates to be held at London’s O2 arena. In a press conference, Michael Jackson alluded to the fact that these performances would in fact be his last in the UK.

“This is it!” Jackson said as he left the much anticipate press conference Friday. With mounting financial woes and a fizzled career, Michael Jackson just might be speaking too soon. But will he tour the states? That’s anyones guess. Late in 2008, Jacksons’ brothers announced a world-wide tour that supposedly would feature all six of them. That would have included Michael.

But soon those plans were scrapped and nothing else was said about it. Jackson fans were salivating at the opportunity of reliving the magic of having Jackie, Tito, Michael, Marlon, Randy, and Jermaine together on one stage again for old times sake. Why didn’t that idea pan out? Michael Jackson didn’t want it to. You see, Michael would have had to split the profits five different ways.

What could have been profitable and beneficial for the Jackson brothers collectively, by the way all of them are flat broke, obviously was not, and could not be a big enough of a take for Mike. Hence, he chose to tour solo.

No ones hatin’ on him. Maybe Jermaine, Randy, Marlon, Tito and Jackie, though. But the question is will Michael tour here? Is there a large audience in the U.S. who will plunk down about a hundred bucks to see Michael Jackson? Personally speaking, no. Not an arena size audience. Or a stadium.

However, the possiblity existed when the Jacksons tour was proposed.

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