The Sexist New Yorker Magazine Is BAAACK! Michelle Obama On Cover As An African American Barbie!

March 2009 Cover

March 2009 Cover

In its’ never-ending quest to define the official role of First Lady, print media has taken it upon themselves to create a description of Michelle Obama. Supposing that perhaps to have an educated African American First Lady in the White House is a threat of some sort, newspapers and certain magazines have unilaterally taken it upon themselves to throw the intelligent character of Michelle Obama under the bus.

The New York Times has noted attributes of the First Lady that has absolutely nothing to do with what her role will be for the next four years. In an OP ED column, the New York Times chided that Michelle Obama’s fit and sculpted shoulders could stamp out terrorists in one swipe. Where’s the humor in that?

The New York Post, during election season, carried a controversial caricature cartoon of Michelle Obama on its’ cover, dressed as a Black Power militant engaging in a fist bump with President Obama. And guess what? It doesn’t stop.

The March 2009 cover of The New York Post has another cartoon representation of First Lady Michelle Obama. This time, she is being featured as a fashion maven. So, the question is: are Caucasian men really that threatened by an educated African American sista? Or are they masking their adoration by chopping Michelle Obama down into stereotypical bite sized morsels to suit their egos?

Remember the trauma that former First Lady Hillary Clinton endured for being educated and having a viable opinion that might help millions of Americans? Remember the debate that ensued over the fact that the now Secretary of State kept her maiden name, Rodham? Yeah. It was ugly and orghestrated by Caucasian men who felt threatened by an intelligent woman who might know a little bit more about the way the world works than they do.

Well, it is the 21st century and it is high time that not only Caucasian men, but ALL men, bury their enormous and exaggerated egos, and join the rest of us in respecting the contributions of women. We are so much more than a body dressed to attract, a vessel to empty sexual frustrations into, and an object to be seen and not heard.

Hopefully, within these next four years, former unenlightened views as to what the so-called ‘proper role’ of First Lady should be comprised of, will be shattered.

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