Atlanta Broke Housewife Sheree Whitfield
Atlanta Broke Housewife Sheree Whitfield

It seems as if Bravo’s “Housewives of Atlanta” very own egotistical, self-centered and designer labeled down Sheree Whitfield might not be doing all of that massive shopping that she’s notorious for. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” began taping this week and it will be amusing to discover just how Sheree Whitfield will manage her time without financial ends.

Late last year, Whitfield attempted to squeeze more money out of her ex, Bob Whitfield, claiming that she was uneducated and therefor not able to support herself and her children. That argument didn’t pan out because ole Bob is broke!

Then, a few weeks ago, Sheree found herself in some legal trouble and requested court appointed legal representation because she was unable to financially acquire one for  herself. Now, Sheree’s divorce attorneys are suing her. These attorneys say that Sheree Whitfield owes them $87,000! According to them, Sheree hasn’t paid them a cent since 2006!

However, wasn’t that Sheree who was spending all kinds of dough throwing herself a swanky birthday party, complete with a designer bag birthday cake that probably cost a few thousand? How about that fashion show that wasn’t? Remember Sheree’s big fashion line reveal that revealed nothing?

For a sista that flashes money in the form of minks, diamonds, designer purses, personal shoppers and private showings, one would think that Sheree Whitfield could have at least broke her attorneys off a little something something? If she could have gone in her closet and consigned some items or maybe even gave her attorneys a mink or two in exchange for their services, perhaps Sheree’s bill would not be so high.

We don’t know. But it sure is a shock to learn that perhaps Sheree Whitfield’s well was already dry during season one of  the “Housewives” and that she could possibly be a fraud!