Sheree Whitfield: The Broke “Real Atlanta Housewife”

Atlanta Broke Housewife Sheree Whitfield

Atlanta Broke Housewife Sheree Whitfield

It seems as if Bravo’s “Housewives of Atlanta” very own egotistical, self-centered and designer labeled down Sheree Whitfield might not be doing all of that massive shopping that she’s notorious for. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” began taping this week and it will be amusing to discover just how Sheree Whitfield will manage her time without financial ends.

Late last year, Whitfield attempted to squeeze more money out of her ex, Bob Whitfield, claiming that she was uneducated and therefor not able to support herself and her children. That argument didn’t pan out because ole Bob is broke!

Then, a few weeks ago, Sheree found herself in some legal trouble and requested court appointed legal representation because she was unable to financially acquire one for  herself. Now, Sheree’s divorce attorneys are suing her. These attorneys say that Sheree Whitfield owes them $87,000! According to them, Sheree hasn’t paid them a cent since 2006!

However, wasn’t that Sheree who was spending all kinds of dough throwing herself a swanky birthday party, complete with a designer bag birthday cake that probably cost a few thousand? How about that fashion show that wasn’t? Remember Sheree’s big fashion line reveal that revealed nothing?

For a sista that flashes money in the form of minks, diamonds, designer purses, personal shoppers and private showings, one would think that Sheree Whitfield could have at least broke her attorneys off a little something something? If she could have gone in her closet and consigned some items or maybe even gave her attorneys a mink or two in exchange for their services, perhaps Sheree’s bill would not be so high.

We don’t know. But it sure is a shock to learn that perhaps Sheree Whitfield’s well was already dry during season one of  the “Housewives” and that she could possibly be a fraud!


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17 comments on “Sheree Whitfield: The Broke “Real Atlanta Housewife”
  1. tanna says:

    no telling how much credit debt she is under. i bet a tleast a couple hundred grand, at least

  2. nikkid says:

    Good! That pretentious biotch spends so much time trying to convince people she can hang with the big dogs financially, you just knew it had to be complete bullsh*t. Truly wealthy people don’t have to remind you everyday how wealthy they are. I wonder what the real socialites in ATL think of this bunch of fools masquerading as “elite” and “successful.”

  3. nikkid says:

    And another thing. Those McMansions they live in are not expensive. My townhouse in Northern VA cost more than the homes in that neighborhood. People from Fairfax and Loudoun counties could easily afford to be Lisa’s neighbor.

    • SanteePrincess says:

      That’s funny, I was saying the same thing to my hubby about how inexpensive that neighborhood was, and that our one condo has the same value as two of those “McMansions”.
      The only one person who has any real Class & Cash is Kandi, and the only person who has enough Game to get a man to support her lifestyle is Kim, and that is why they all hate on Kandi and Kim the whole time….

    • keke says:

      That is true Atlanta property is not that expensive compared to New York, Orange county and Jersey. You get more for your money but they are making it seem like they house is over ten or twenty million dollars. I would not be surprised if sheree house isnt a million.

  4. SanteePrincess says:

    That is what you get for marrying Bob for money. You know damn well you didn’t marry for love! Good thing he got rid of you, happy you got what your phoney azz deserves, but I feel bad for the kids to be in this situation…AND your just green with envy that Miss Kim got a man to support her lifestyle, and she isn’t even married to him, and you can’t even get Bob to pay child support…get a job leach, you don’t have enough class, personality or game to get a man to give you his black card or give you a ride in his Maybach!

    • Tracey Ricks Foster says:

      WHOA! Now that calls for two snaps up with twist!

    • rudie says:

      You said that right. She by Sheree is a joke. Did she actually think she could pull that off? Do they get paid to do the shows? She should get up off her “donkey do” and get some edu-ma-cation. Do it real like most of us have to. Nobody wants that washed up phoney. Every man in the world knows her game.She might just have to sell some azz since she is so eager to get ahold of somebody’s bank card.

  5. jay cee says:

    Sheree needs to start humbling herself and move forward and leave that attitude in your pass”it’s stink’s bad.
    It’s a shame how we act when we think we’ve arrived and sheree’ is prime suspect, but the ones you step on to get to the top are the ones you’ll meet on your way back down my dear and you’ll find out sooner then later.I think that your probably a beautiful person under that mask you wear, girl be your true self and all else will fall in line

  6. Boleo says:

    Please. Almost everyone is fronting these days. Every sing talking about tle person I know who is supposed to “have money” is lying. People buy cars and homes, and clothes and jewels they can’t afford because people are stupid. I have known people working in cubicles constantly talking about how they don’t really have to work. they just bought a house on a lake, yadayadayada. Get off Sheree, because she if she is putting on airs she is far, far from alone. At least she looks like she spends money on herself. I see hefers proclaiming riches with jacked up, badly colored hair, bad clothes, and worse make up (stinky too) 0 manners 0 sophistication evil and insecure on a regular basis. Do you Sheree.

  7. Chers says:

    Sheree is a (SHHB)sister handling her business! Hat’s off to her. Sheree,just remember there will always be haters.

  8. Tiffany says:

    People who have money..never speak of of period!
    the Bravo Cast, no matter what County or City etc…are Narcisistic… they simply want to see their lifes unfold in the news paper, internet, good or bad,…anyway they can showcase their simple poor thinking lives, Money is security..The Wealthy would nor, do they ever put their bad money managementout there for the World to see!.
    Or much less giving your OWN birthday Party, that alone is tacky….much less making Chanel or Louis Vutton stock grow….Faketra?…Have you ever seen a truley beautiful women on any of the Bravo shows? fake hair…boobs…INSECURE wanna be…No Class, not one !

  9. This is the perfect blog for everyone who really wants to find out about this topic.
    You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a new spin on a topic that has been written
    about for decades. Excellent stuff, just great!

  10. lorraine says:

    shree is a bitch and she is always talking about the other housewives, she a fake and i hope her ex-husband wins her in court

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