Altovise Davis, Widow Of Late Sammy Davis Jr., Dies After Complications From Stroke

Altovise Davis

Altovise Davis

The widow of legendary entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., Altovise Davis, died Saturday at Cedar – Sinai Medical Center in L.A. after suffering a stroke on Thursday. She was 65.

Altovise Joanne Gore Davis was born on August 30, 1943 in Charlotte, North Carolina, but she was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Davis was an actress and a dancer making guest appearances on shows such as “Charlie’s Angel’s” and “CHiPS.” Film credits include: “Kingdom of Spiders” (1977), “Boardwalk” (1979), and “Can’t Stop The Music” (1980).

Altovise Davis met her future husband, Sammy Davis Jr. on the set of “Golden Boy” in 1967. A relationship began culminating with marriage May 11, 1970. It would be Altovise’s first and Sammy’s third. Together they adopted a son.

Numerous Davis biographers have noted that the marriage was a tumultuous one at best. Sammy Davis, Jr. was plagued with alcoholism coupled with bad financial handlers and managers that squandered his fortune and indebted him to the IRS. Upon his death on May 16, 1990, Sammy Davis, Jr. was flat broke, having sold off some of his most prized possessions.

After her husband’s death, Altovise was forced to sell what was left of Sammy Davis, Jr.’s estate to appease the federal government. But with a deliquent tax bill estimated by some to have been some where between $10 – $20 Mil, it was unfathomable that Altovise would be able to satisfy it in its entirety. In fact, at the time of her death, Altovise Davis still carried an inherited tax debt of $2,708,901.75.

Funeral arrangements for Altovise Davis are incomplete at this time.

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