Star Jones On “Oprah” Show! Opens Up For The First Time About Her Weight Journey!

Who didn’t enjoy Oprah’s weight gab fest Wednesday? It was awesome! Oprah engaged in conversation Marie Osmond, Valerie Bertinelli and Star Jones in a lively discussion about their individual weight challenges and loss. The one thing that bothered me though was the sneaky suspicion that Marie Osmond and Valerie Bertinelli, very sincere in their weight odyssey, will put the pounds back on after their lucrative contracts with Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are up.

Didn’t I hear the rumour that Kirstie has regained her poundage?

But the conversation between Oprah and Star Jones was the real deal everyone had been waiting for! Now, I have watched Oprah for years and there are folks that come on the show and lie through their teeth about various matters. Disappointing? Sometimes. But we viewers always sniff out the truth. With the Star Jones conversation, I was surprised that she was so forthcoming with truth after shoveling loads, I mean mounds of dog doo on the public about her reasons for lying about her massive weight loss.

Star admitted to the world that she had in fact forced her colleagues at “The View” to keep her gastric bypass surgery to themselves as she miraculous became the amazing shrinking woman before the cameras eyes. Barbara Walters wrote about the Star Jones weight saga in her memoir “Audition.” Even as late as 2008, Star still had yet to admit that she had put her colleagues through unnecessary hoops simply because she was uncomfortable about her own truth. In a press release about what Walters recalled about her strange behavior and weight denial, Jones lashed out and called Barbara old and an adulteress. I laughed and shook my head at the stupidity of Star Jones. I was amazed with wonder about the shame that she felt about the truth, and the lengths that she would go to protect a very public secret and possibly ruin her television career in the process.

However, on “Oprah,” Star Jones opened up about the feelings of failure she felt after having the surgery; wrongly supposing that the public was condemning her for not being able to control her weight. For the first time, Jones owned up to her weight issue and the various problems that came with being obese in the public eye. Star even admitted that her advisers thought that she should talk about her weight loss in her book. But she refused to. Guess what? That is why I didn’t bother to buy Star’s book or check it out at the local library. By this admission, I think that Jones redeemed herself in her former fans and admirers eyes by becoming human again.

The next thing that would also help Star Jones on her truth journey is to apologize to Barbara Walters and her former colleagues of “The View.” She made her stubbornness intolerable and also forced them to carry the dysfunction of her issues on their shoulders without consulting them first, which forced everyone into a situation that essentially jailed them because of Star’s insecurities.

Here’s to hoping that a new Star Jones is on the horizon. Not just on the outside. But a new Star Jones on the inside as well.

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One comment on “Star Jones On “Oprah” Show! Opens Up For The First Time About Her Weight Journey!
  1. I am just glad the sistah came clean. It must have been real stressful to maintain the diet and exercise mantra when folks axed about her secret to keepin’ dem lbs. off.

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